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Poetry At It's Finest

By Manyong'oments | Global Facts v2.0 | 12 May 2020

Poetry at its finest can break the ice and break the silence.

Poetry can speak volumes and speak of less.

Poetry is deeper than face value and penetrates beyond the gaping mind

Poetry is a construct to make rhymes and danced to with music

Poetry is like doodles are to art, subjective and so rich

Poetry can be silent and yet so loud

Poetry petrifies pure people passing plumes of smoke

Poetry at its finest is infinite because in finite there is no end

Poetry can create confusion just like the varying discipline of numbers

Poetry is the ultimate freedom of speech, unhindered by grammar, spelling or political correctness

Poetry is here and poetry is there. Poetry at its finest is here to stay.

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Global Facts v2.0
Global Facts v2.0

A poetry collection of original poems inspired by reality and the internet. All poems are written by 33 Nanoseconds

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