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Dreams and Brainwaves

By Manyong'oments | Global Facts v2.0 | 17 Apr 2020

Dreams will always be dreams, nothing less and nothing more.

Dreaming about sandwiches never filled anyone's stomach

The choice to go to a restaurant or grocery store filled thy stomach

With the proper ingredients a meal was guaranteed

For the right price thyself could feed

Dreams will always be dreams, nothing more and nothing less

What exactly is a dream?

A special brainwave reading called Theta

A state associated with creativity, insight and reduced consciousness

Dreams make dreams and choices make reality

The American Dream is not real, but a construct of society

Choices will get you there and dreams exist in a land called nowhere

Make the choice and it will happen

Keep dreaming and your mind will sharpen

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Global Facts v2.0
Global Facts v2.0

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