The Blockchain Bang – Discovery of a new Homo Species

The Blockchain Bang – Discovery of a new Homo Species

By UplandDood | NFT Hub | 11 Jun 2021

The Blockchain Bang – Discovery of a new Homo Species

The Dawn of a New Species

Dawn of a new species

Image Source: – Bret Kavanaugh

The recent surge in the adoption of blockchain technology, especially in tokenizing every conceivable item under the sun has ushered in a new era in the digital age. (Note: it sounded intelligent to write that but I haven’t an ounce of data to back it up. If you are data-driven do kindly enlighten us in the comment section. You have my gratitude)

Unbeknownst to all, although very obvious, a new Homo (genus) was discovered. No one knows for certain the exact date or time they started appearing, but as recently as a year ago, they all started appearing spontaneously all over the world. I’m sure you’re disappointed that until now nothing was written about it anywhere, let alone in scientific papers.

Well, fret not. This is my attempt to shed some light on it.

Who knows? Maybe I can win the coveted Bullitzer prize and maybe even the Noobel prize.

Let’s Dive In

No beating around the bush. We get right in on this new species and look at a few known types and characteristics exhibited.

Unlike their cousins the Homo Habilis (who spends hours in a hardware store and also countless hours doing D.I.Ys), or the Homo Erectus (who spends all their time erecting all kinds of structures) or even the Homo Sapiens (who spends most time debating sweet nothings), the Homo NFTCollectus spends all waking hours in front of their cell-phones, tablets, and computers looking for NFTs to collect.

Do NFTs sound foreign to you? Then I suggest you read this article from another Homo NFTCollectus for a quick understanding of what NFTs are.  His brief and easy-to-understand article, “NFTs for Beginners: Top 3 questions to ask” will quickly bring you up to speed.

Types of Homo NFTCollectus: A brief look

Below are just a few of the observed types. There could be more. Feel free to share your discovery in the comment section and what behaviors you observed.

1. NFTCollectus Activus

NFTCollectus Activus

This type is very selective in what they collect. As you might have guessed from the name, they are very active in life and also very outgoing.

Be careful you do not mistake this for another species. The Activus can sometimes be mistaken for the sub-species known as Elonus Mustweet. This sub-species tend to open their mouths and disrupt the normal flow of the blockchain space. Fortunately, there is less than 1% of these in existence.

When you take a closer look at the Activus’ collections, you’ll mostly find sports-related NFTs. These can be purely sports (e.g. NBATopShots) or gamified sports NFTs (e.g. MotoGP-Ignition). They are passionate about their sports NFTs and can share with interested parties all aspects of the sports and the related collectibles for hours.

2. NFTCollectus Artemus

NFTCollectus Artemuz

Image Source: - NeONBRAND

This is a quiet type. Need I say more? They look for interesting artworks or art collectible NFTs. It doesn’t matter what kind of art, as long as it is art, they will consider collecting. This can present an issue. Why?

Depending on how disciplined the concerned NFTCollectus Artemus is, everything appearing in the NFT space can be considered art. So, he or she may end up looking at everything…well, almost everything since it’s impossible to look at all…and end up spending well beyond their means.

On any given day when the NFTCollectus Artemus is not scouring the internet for art pieces, you’ll see them staring at their NFT Arts for hours…pixel by pixel.

What are some examples of art NFTs out there that may end up in a more traditional NFTCollectus Artemus' collection?

Here are some examples:

I haven’t even gone into the digital art NFTs yet and I won’t. You can google “digital NFTs” and get plenty of links to satisfy your curiosity.

However, I’ll say this. There are those that not only collect but also produce these NFTs. They are NFT fans as well as artists. For simplicity, we just add an ‘F’ to the front and call these NFTCollectus Fartz in short. I may soon qualify as one. I’ll leave it at that.

3. NFTCollectus Flippus

NFTCollectus Flippus

Image Source: – Mathieu Stern

This is the most enterprising of all the species. Why? It’s all about profits for them. They study the market, the project, the project founders, the NFTs, the scarcity of the NFTs, the specific mints (meaning certain mint numbers have greater values), and aim to make a profit from flipping these.

When not looking for diamonds in the rough NFTs, they will be seen tapping away on their keyboards populating their spreadsheets with data. They will have Terabytes of spreadsheets to prove their analytical prowess and can instantly tell you how much they have made for any particular NFT.

What are some current projects with NFTs that this species may have focused on in the past and present?

Some upcoming projects (mostly in Beta release) that I am following and may attract Flippus:

4. NFTCollectus Unus Primus

NFTCollectus Unus Primus

Image Source (Cropped): – Nicola König

Although these do not fall under any particular NFT collection categories, they do have one thing in common. Like their Transformers sounding namesake, either they are bots or have a bot at their disposal. Or maybe they were born with fast fingers and blessed with the fastest internet connections known to mankind; no one can be sure, but the Unus Primus always get their #1 mints.

One thing is for sure, they have earned the ire of the other species. In fact, behind their backs, many of the other species have replaced this species first initial ‘U’ with ‘A’, and refer to them with a name that is anatomically the same.

The NFT World for the NFTCollectus

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of all possible projects for the NFTCollectus to spend time on. Not even close. This is a reason why the NFTCollectus spends so much time glued to their digital screens. It’s the search for the next NFT treasure.


At this point, I would like to address a mysterious species that no one has seen but most talked to. For the sake of clarity, I'll call this species the NFTCollectus Everything-is-Financial-Advicetus. If you think you are this species, here’s what I have to say,

“read my lips – this is not financial advice. Geez, do I need to constantly remind you?”

 In fact, I hated biology in school and didn’t do so well there. I preferred daydreaming in school. So, take everything with a grain of salt and you’re fine. But then, you may miss out on some gems in the article. As with any scientific papers…the debate is ongoing.

Please like and promote this article so much that it gets the attention of the autecology community. Maybe, just maybe this will be published in their scientific journal. If it does, then it proves to me that daydreaming is the best subject in school.

Header Image Credit: – Eugene Zhyvchik

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