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By Frank12 | GKOS2020 | 1 Sep 2020

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Cuphead recently came to PS4 a few weeks ago so I finally got a chance to play it.  I immediately loved the game because of its brutal difficulty as it reminded me of old school sidescroller shooter games.  I've spent the last few weeks trying to achieve the best rank possible on each stage so I could make a guide for anyone to obtain the highest rank.  I have finally beaten every level with an S rank and am currently uploading a video for each boss every other day.  I don't know if anyone on here is interested in this kind of content but I thought I would let you know anyone.  

Here is a video to one of my guides 


I spent many hours practicing strategies for Cuphead and if you would like some more of this type of content please follow my youtube channel.  I reccomend anyone who is a fan of side scroller games to try out cuphead as it is incredibly addicting when you start playing because a boss fight only takes about 2 minutes and there is always the urge to improve your rank.  


Thanks for reading!!!!

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