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Today we thought we would share even more ways we have added to our ever expanding project. We as a group of Computer Scientists have managed to self fund and start a small but quickly growing Business/Empire based on Block chain Technology and Referral Marketing. So far we have managed to: buy our own Domain, Construct a Website and Buy and Licence several different Software's required for our day to day operations.

As we continue to grow and expand into different areas, We have been testing and exploring a host of new self proclaimed and promoted Apps Games and Websites that claim to reward you in some cases outrageously just for using them in most cases for visiting a site daily playing a game or completing simple tasks.

While we are living thriving proof that not all of these are Scams and i use that word cautiously, there is an expression the Devil is in the Detail, so always do your own Research and Due Diligence before investing anything even your time on the advice of a third party that you do not know or trust.

All of our recommended Software has been extensively tested and completely free to join with the advertised rewards sitting happily in a Wallet or Bank Account before we would recommend it to anyone we personally know, so you can be sure if we post it up here it definitely works and we have the recorded data to back that up.

We would love to hear from anyone on here who wishes to expand or further publicize the great work they have done on here through our own newly developed channels as our growth and success can only be further expanded through continued networking and use of platforms like this that allow us to share our ideas and experiences.

Please feel free to recommend anything you think we should test as a matter of interest for our continued growth as we are always looking to expand further on our current level of success.



We Feel A Huge Thank You To Publish0x for helping us with our Research along the way and for connecting us with so many intelligent like minded individuals is well overdue so here it is Thank you guys keep up the fantastic work and high standards you are constantly maintaining for the benefit of your users.



So without further rambling from myself, below is a small taste of whats is to come as we generally test for between 1 or 2 Months before passing on any information or referrals we use to further finance ourselves without the need of grants or paid endorsements.

We hope this article proves useful to all that read it and wish continued success to all who have joined us in promoting the benefits of Block chain Technology.


Support us by using our referral links to Tried and Tested Free income sources and we will bring you more once we have verified they do as they claim.


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To ask us about any of the above please feel free to comment here or Visit our new Website (Active but still under development).

Email: [email protected] or [email protected] 


Stay tuned for more as we continue to grow.

We do not give financial advice,all the software we promote has been tried tested and is free to join.

Thanks for Reading.

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