$Algo: Do you want a cup of tea 🍵?

$Algo: Do you want a cup of tea 🍵?

By Gaia ❤ | Girl on a Hot Tin Crypto | 21 Oct 2021


Today I decided to write a letter to Algo...

Dear $Algo! I see a Cup and Handle in your eyes! Generally this is a god pattern! So how about starting to fly? I think it's your time, we've been waiting for it for years! 


Your marketcap still allows you to grow. You could at least start with a good doubling . Nobody will ever ask you to reach $10 but at least $4 is in your ability.



Then allow me to enjoy a tasty cup of tea with serenity in these gloomy days! I believe in you! Do not let me down!

I realize that the issue of ISO 20022 needs to be clarified! But we'll tackle it later, now just think about flying to the 🌕! 

A 💋 from Gaia


...I hope you read me and listen to my suggestion!



Gaia ❤️


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Gaia ❤
Gaia ❤

Yes I'm a Girl, Yes I love crypto! I have no Twitter. No financial advice in my posts. XOXO

Girl on a Hot Tin Crypto
Girl on a Hot Tin Crypto

Hello everyone, I'm Gaia and I'm new to crypto. I will write about my adventures in this world!

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