Hope, killer of dreams

By gira180 | gira180 | 17 Sep 2020

Hoping your dreams will come true? I hope you read this article because “hope” may just be exactly what is standing between you and your dreams!


We use hope all the time, for example to express a sentiment like “I hope you’ll feel better”, “I hope he’s alright” or just “I hope so”. We use it to make others or ourselves feel better. Hope can be a driving force to help us through difficult times. So why would I say hope is dangerous?

Hope is used in situations that are out of our control and there is nothing we can do but hope. Hope is what gives people courage or strength.


Hope as an easy way out?

I often hear people express hope about things they can absolutely influence. For example expressing hope their financial situation will improve or hope they will find a partner.  This expression of hope to me is a signal that they are not actively taking control of their situation. They are allowing fate to decide. Hope is used as an excuse or an easy way out.

Hoping your situation will somehow improve is a signal you are holding back from taking control yourself


People will say their situation is hopeless, and it may may feel like that at often. If you feel you have been trying and trying and not been able to improve your situation it is natural to think there is nothing you can do. You feel it’s hopeless. “Hopeless” means there is nothing you or anybody can do AND there is no hope. But this does NOT apply to most situations.

Saying something is hopeless actually makes it more probable it will be!


Less hope, more action

The more hope we have that a situation will change the less responsibility we will take. With less responsibility comes less action which leads to a lower probability of success which can lead to lower confidence which may lead to more hoping etc. Once you become aware of this dangerous vicious circle though you can break it.

Which has a higher probability of success: not do anything and hope for the best or, evaluate your options and ACT!


Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying hope is a bad thing. But I am saying that we should be careful putting our trust in it and be mindful that our hope does not become an excuse for not taking control.

I hope you will take action

I do not wish to go into religion’s influence on this topic but I do feel there is a danger in thinking some higher power has big plans for you and you just have to have faith and hope everything will fall into place for you.  In this article I just want to point out the danger in letting external factors decide our fate. Always try to stay in control and do not let things be decided by fate.

  • Want a promotion or a better salary? Don’t just hope your boss will pick you over someone else. Think about how you can increase your value for your employer!
  • Want to find the girl/boy of your dreams? Don’t sit and wait for that knock on your door. Become the person of their dreams, go to the places your dream boy/girl could possibly be!
  • Want to have more money? Don’t hope it will just fall from the sky. Educate yourself, become creative, analyze where you dedicate your efforts, everyday!
  • Want to be healthier? Don’t just hope you will somehow lose weight or become stronger. Take action, learn more about nutrition, change your diet, exercise!

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