Are you, you right now?

By gira180 | gira180 | 17 Sep 2020

Of course I am me! Who else would I be. But if you look back at your life, were you always the same as you are now?


Yes, I know. The concept of this post sounds strange but please bare with me. As we grow older we change, everybody knows this. A couple of added kilos here or there, maybe some wrinkles and gray hairs. Some of these changes were so gradual we may not have noticed them. You do not notice it in yourself nor in the people you see on a daily basis. But what about that friend or relative you see once every year? You can clearly see the differences in them because you did not go through the gradual process of change. You can see the changes that happened over a larger period which makes them more noticeable to you.

See the video below for a fun little experiment. Test if you can see the change that occurs in the photo.

Jeckyll and Hyde

This same principle applies to other changes then just the physical ones. For example changes to our character. Life’s pressure’s and increased stress and responsibility affect and change us. We may become more cynical or more serious over time for example.  Big events in our lives can cause big and instant changes, which are usually very evident, but what about the small slow gradual changes that we do not notice? Over time they have a big effect on us and can make us a different person without even knowing it!

You could say this is just part of the never ending maturing process and our experiences make us who we are. Of course, but how can we take control of it so we make sure the changes make us the person we want to be? I use the Jeckyll and Hyde example just to make a point. I am not saying our new or old self is good or bad, I just want to point out there can be a profound difference between the two that we are not aware of and therefor right now we may not be our true self and not even know it!

Grumpy old geezer

I think the Disney movie Up did an excellent job at showing this principle. At the beginning of the movie we meet Carl who is a senior citizen who clearly has changed over time by the events in his life. Meeting the young boy scout Russell helps him to notice these changes and he manages to re-encounter his real self.


I wonder how many people go through life without such an opportunity to re-encounter themselves. How many accept their current state without ever thinking if this is what they would have wanted if they would have had the choice?

Personal experience

Not so long ago I decided to take some steps to get certain areas of my life under control. One of the things I learned about myself was that my lack of energy was causing big limitations for me. I would often feel exhausted but this had become the new normal and I can’t even remember when it started or even if it had always just been this way. I know it did not start from one day to the next so over time my energy level had decayed so slowly I had barely noticed it. Once I started to take control of this and was able to start reversing this process I finally felt I was the real me. I had been tired and low on energy for so long I had forgotten I was not always like that. Only until I was able to reverse this I felt I was the real me again.

Find you real you

It is hard to measure and our memory can play tricks on us so it can be difficult to identify these changes in ourselves. But I think it can really be worth taking a moment once in a while to see if we can spot them. Just like Carl we have the potential to really turn our life around and find great joy and fulfillment we never knew, or forgot, existed! Here are some tips of what you can do to try and identify your hidden changes:

  • Ask a family member, spouse or friend if they think you have changed. Ask for an honest opinion.
  • Look at old photos and videos. This helps to identify any physical changes but can also help you remember certain situations. For example were you the life of the party back then and now fall a sleep before the party even starts?
  • Think back to where you were 10 years ago. Try to remember how you felt at your work, in your love life, in your social life. Do you still feel the same in these areas?

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