By Ghous | ghous | 24 Jun 2020

Hello beautiful people. How have you been? I hope in good health and spirit. 🤗

So last year, I had a chance to travel to Thailand on an all boys trip 😉. The itinerary mostly included Phuket and some time in Bangkok.

We took a flight to Bangkok and spent a day there roaming in the streets and trying out street food. In the evening we went to see the famous Wat Arun temple

Wat Arun Temple

Like I said, the plan was to spend more time in Phuket so, we took a domestic flight. Phuket is a bit more expensive than Bangkok.

We went to a sea side restaurant to enjoy the view while we have my breakfast

View from a restaurant in Phuket

After the breakfast, we took on the road to see some of the famous view points on the Phuket island

Karon viewpoint

Next, we went to tiger world to see the tigers up close and play with them. And that was the last trip of the day.

A tiger in the tiger world

Next morning we took a boat to take us to the famous Phi Phi islands

Turquoise water of Phi Phi Island

I was existed and amazed to see how beautiful the nature is and that the island were more than what I expected.

Phi Phi islands

Koh Phi Phi or Phi Phi islands are a combination of small islands, with multiple points across the island that offer beautiful views.

The Lone boat

On the way back to Phuket, we stopped at a small island to have a swim and relax.

The day was spent and the trip came to an end with beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Until next time....

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