A beautiful morning in Gudauri - Georgia

A winter in Georgia

By Ghous | ghous | 13 Jun 2020

So , today I would like to talk about my travel adventures to Georgia. Georgia is a small but beautiful country located in Eastern Europe and shares border with Azerbaijan.

In 2018 I got a chance to visit Georgia in Winter. I was flabbergasted to see the mountainous landscapes in Gudauri and Kezbegi ( western part of Georgia)

I hired a private tour guide who drove me to Gudauri where I spent the night and woke up early in the morning to enjoy sunrise in snowy mountains

Beautiful morning in Gudauri

After my breakfast I continue by journey toward Kazbeghi where I hiked and took some beautiful pictures of Caucasian peaks

A beautiful Caucasian peak

I stopped on the way to walk in deep snow and took some more pictures

I loved every bit of it and then started my journey pack to Tiblisi.


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