A Summer in Prague

By Ghous | ghous | 17 Jun 2020

After winter in Georgia, I present to you a summer in Prague.
Most of us would know Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic and they call it Praha. It is a beautiful city with lots of happening and night life activities.

In summer 2018, I had a chance to visit it and spend three days exploring its beauty. I visited the main square and was amazed to see the historical church.

I met many tourists in the square and had a fun afternoon. Some of them recommended to go and checkout the dancing house. So I opened google maps and set my route to it, in 15 minutes I reached

The dancing house

It gets the name because if you focus and look at it, it looks like a dancing lady.

The next morning I went to the view points to check see the beautiful red roofed houses of Prague.

Red roofed houses

I tried a street food called Trdlo which is a pastry filled with cream or ice cream.

The next day I took the train to Vienna - Austria, which I will discuss in the next article 😀🤗

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