6 Months With Rollercoin

By Ghous | ghous | 13 Jan 2021

Hi there readers.

So, like most of us here, I have also been trying different sites and applications for passive crypto income for past some months now and have decided on the best one I like so far.

I have used Read.Cash, Publish0x, Noise.Cash , Faucetcrypto and my favorite Rollercoin. Now the question is why I like rollercoin the best? Let me explain my choice

First of all what rollercoin is? It is a free crypto mining simulation site that mines crypto in a fun and fast way. Now you might be asking how is mining fun? Well, rollercoin has mini games that a user plays to increase the mining power. They more they play, they faster it mines and there is no limit on time being spent on rollercoin, which means the only thing limiting your mining speed is yourself 😃

I have been using rollercoin for a little more than sox month now and am very satisfied with the quality and free income that I manage to generate from it. I have played games to have enough power to generate more the 2000Doge coins, around 0.002 Bitcoin and 0.1 ethereum. I have then invested some of my generated crypto to buy RLT coin, which is the native coin of the site. Later, I used that coin to by miners in the app enabling me to generate crypto even if I am not playing games. Have a look at my current mining room

My Rollercoin room

As you can see I have total 11 miners now with a total power of 305.180 Th/S which generates around 0.000110 Ethereum per day. How cool is that 😎

In addition to that, there is a nice referral program that gives new joiners some free satoshi. Use the below link to join the site and feel free to ask for any help if you may require.

I hope this article can help many of you around here who like me would love some passive crypto income

Until next time people...💯

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