Musings of a Former Completionist

By Leonis | GG'd | 26 Jul 2020

         I am a completionist when it comes to certain games. One of the troubles of being one is that I sometimes spend way too much time on them chasing that 100%. That seems more or less harmless as a teenager. But, as time goes on, it starts to interfere with responsibilities. Most of the issue comes from time restraint.




         Here's an irony in life. When I had more time to indulge in this activity, I didn't have the resources to have a library of games. As I went through university and beyond, that collection grew. Unfortunately, the time I had for this endeavor shrank as I pursued other things in life.

         As the games go through updates, I find that perfect game stat goes down. It almost felt as if I had wasted not only my time, but effort by getting all the achievements in the games.




         These days, I have relegated myself to casual playing. However, the subconscious completionist clawed at me. It always bothered me somewhat to see some degree of incompleteness.

         Hearthstone's Dalaran Heist, as shown in the screenshot, came out over a year ago. I still have yet to beat the entire heroic (hard) mode with every character. Is it necessary? No, because I have already gotten all the in-game rewards for that solo adventure.

         I'm only doing it for the completion crowns you see. There are five chapters with eight encounters for each character. The last chapter has additional bosses at the end. That's over 360 boss fights! Most people could never beat it all in one go, so the actual numbers and attempts would be much higher.

         I suppose even after all this time, part of me still yearn to be able to do things like my younger self. Life was much simpler back then. Although, I do wonder if I would still feel the same when I retire. That is, if retirement is possible by the time I reach old age.

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