Getting into Splinterlands (Week #6)

Hi there. I'm a little late this time but my schedule got kinda messy lately and i can only finish my daily quests very late. Also last week i missed a quest but included the quest of friday so there are only six days of quests for my report of my sixth week of Splinterlands. Since in addition to that not really much happened this week i'll keep it short.

– – –

On day 36 i got 1 Alchemy and 1 Legendary Potion, a Screeching Vulture and a Sand Worm.  

On day 37 i got 2 Alchemy and 2 Legendary Potions, a Phantasm and 12 DEC.  

On day 38 i made it to Gold II and got 2 Legendary Potions, Ant Miners, a Nectar Queen and a Flame Monkey and 51 DEC.  

On day 39 i got 2 Legendary Potions, an Octopider (rare), a Nectar Queen, Ant Miners and 21 DEC.  

On day 40 i got 2 Alchemy and 1 Legendary Potion, 2 Baby Unicorn and 19 DEC.

And today with the quest i just finished at the time of writing i got 1 Alchemy and 3 Legendary Potions, 1 Ettin Spearman and 11 DEC.

– – –

Aaand here's the table of this weeks rewards valuing Potions at their shop price, cards at lowest market value at the time of writing and DEC at $0,001


That's it. Until next week. Maybe on Saturdays from now on.


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I go by the name of Supercrispy in Splinterlands.

You can have a look at my current collection of cards here.
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Getting into Splinterlands
Getting into Splinterlands

Having played Hearthstone for almost five years and still doing so from time to time tbh, i kinda got tired of it and wanted to explore something new. I chose Splinterlands. Here i'll document my journey of getting into the game as a new player throughout the so called "untamed expansion" right after the game transitioned to the hive blockchain.

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