Getting into Splinterlands (Week #5)

Hi there. Here's my report of my fith week of Splinterlands.

– – –

On day 28 i got 3 Legendary Potions, a Sand Worm and 41 DEC.

On day 29 i got 3 Alchemy Potions, Bila the Radiant (Legendary), Ettin Spearman, Grim Reaper (Rare) and 59 DEC and also reached Gold II.

On day 30 i got 2 Sand Worms, a Phantasm, a Nectar Queen, 1 Alchemy Potion, 1 Legendary Potion and 123 DEC.

I bought a pack with 2000 DEC, it contained an Albatross, a Cave Slug, a Wizard of Eastwood (Rare), Maggots and a Serpentine Spy.

On day 31 i got a Kelp Initiate (Rare), a Screeching Vulture, 1 Alchemy, 1 Legendary Potion and 102 DEC.

On day 32 i got an Onyx Sentinel (Epic), 2 Alchemy Potion, 1 Legendary Potion and 118 DEC

I also bought 5k credits for $5 and got myself 2 packs. The packs contained 2 Serpent of Eld (Rare), a Magma Troll, a Crystal Jaguar, a Mantoid, an Elven Mystic (Rare), a Goblin Fireballer, a Feasting Seaweed, a Cave Slug and a Kobold Bruiser.

I made it to Gold I while doing my quest so i’ll get 30 loot chests at the end of the season.

On day 33 i got 2 Ant Miners, an Ettin Spearman, a Flame Monkey, 1 Legendary Potion and 244 DEC and reached Diamond III for the first time right before the season ended.


On day 34 i got my season end rewards of 40 loot chests because i reached Diamond III. These contained the following: Ant Miners, Grim Reaper (Rare), Baby Unicorn, Warrior of Peace, Sand Worm, 2 Wave Runner, Octopider (Rare), 2 Gelatinous Cube, Boogeyman (Rare), 8 Legendary Potions, 5 Alchemy Potions, 2488 DEC and 1 Untamed Booster Pack. The pack contained a Failed Summoner, a Feasting Seaweed, a Crystal Jaguar, a Sniping Narwhal and a Giant Squid (rare).

I missed the daily quest because i couldn't fit in the time to do it but did a quest today instead on day 35 and got 2 Legendary Potions, a Screeching Vulture and a Sand Worm.

And here's the table of this weeks earnings valuing Potions at their shop price, cards at lowest market value at the time of writing and DEC at $0,001.





Keep in mind i also bought $5 worth of credits which kind of negates my income bought also earned me more cards.

Until next week.


If you want to Get into Splinterlands too, follow this link, create an account and purchase the Summoner's Spellbook – you and i will receive a random card from the Untamed Expansion and you can start to battle and receive more rewards right away and invite other people too. Just click on your username after logging in and choose the "Affiliate Program".

I go by the name of Supercrispy in Splinterlands.

You can have a look at my current collection of cards here.
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it seems that i like to waste my time

Getting into Splinterlands
Getting into Splinterlands

Having played Hearthstone for almost five years and still doing so from time to time tbh, i kinda got tired of it and wanted to explore something new. I chose Splinterlands. Here i'll document my journey of getting into the game as a new player throughout the so called "untamed expansion" right after the game transitioned to the hive blockchain.

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