Getting into Splinterlands (Week #2)

Here's my report of my second week of Splinterlands.

I'm writing this while i'm waiting for todays daily quest to become available. I did the same last week and said i'd include the rewards this time, so here they are.

On my seventh day of Splinterlands i got an Essence Orb, 12 DEC and and Ettin Spearman card.

An Essence Orb actually is something like a card pack and also contains 5 random cards when opened, but from another set. Of course i was hyped to learn i got 5 whole cards from just one daily quest. I opened it immediately and got 3 Enchanted Defenders, 1 Silvershield Bard and 1 Electric Eels, so two rares and 3 of the same common card.

Essence Orbs can also be obtained in the shop and are a little bit more expensive than card packs, something like $2,50. At the time of writing there seem to be only 7.000 remaining. 

On day 8 i got 1 Nectar Queen, 14 DEC and 1 Legendary Potion. I also realized that sometimes it might be better to request a new quest if the one you got seems too hard, maybe because you not have any good cards of that element yet. I had the water splinter quest and it really was a pain in the ass until i switched it and got a fire quest which felt way easier. I think it's important to actually complete the daily quest and if you don't have enough time to try for hours until you get lucky and win, better switch it.  

On day 9 i got 4 chests containing 2 Legendary Potions, 44 DEC and the epic card Torhilo the Frozen. It's not the highest valued card with $0.24 at the moment but still, maybe this will even make my next water quest a little easier.  

On day 10 i got 4 loot chests again containing 1 Alchemy Potion, 1 Legendary Potion and 14 DEC (two chests with a little bit of DEC).  

On day 11 i got 3 Alchemy Potions and 1 Ettin Spearman. After completing the quest i realized i was winstreaking while doing it so i kept going and actually made it to Gold III.  

On day 12 i got 6 chests including 1 Gelatinous Cube, 1 Nectar Queen, 21 DEC, 1 Legendary and 1 Alchemy Potion.  

On day 13 i somehow even made it to Gold II while waiting for my daily quest to get ready. From the quest i got 7 chests containing 48 DEC, 1 Screeching Vulture, 1 Boogeyman (rare), 2 Legendary Potions and 1 Alchemy Potion.  

So at the end of the season in 4 days i'm at least going to receive another 26 loot boxes because i reached Gold II. What i get from todays daily quest i'll include in next weeks report. Until now after two weeks it actually feels like steady growth of my collection is possible even if it seems like it's gonna take a long time to level up all the summoners and cards. Maybe it's possible to get lucky and somehow get an expensive card to sell or lease.

For buying packs i now think it actually makes sense to first do some weeks of daily quests to get potions, which will increase the chance of getting gold or legendary cards when opening packs. 

Until now i roughly spent about $32 on the game and didn't even remotely make that money back. I bought the Summoner's Spellbook, 10 card packs and 1000 credits to buy cheap cards. Like i said it would have been smarter to wait with buying packs until having some potions but i also wanted to have a chance to compete in the airdrop. I nevertheless feel like this enabled me to reach Gold rank which will give me more rewards in return so it might have still been worth it. I'll chill for now and keep on doing daily quests to see where i'll get.

Until next week.


If you want to Get into Splinterlands too, follow this link, create an account and purchase the Summoner's Spellbook – you and i will receive a random card from the Untamed Expansion and you can start to battle and receive more rewards right away and invite other people too. Just click on your username after logging in and choose the "Affiliate Program".

I go by the name of Supercrispy in Splinterlands.

You can have a look at my current collection of cards here.

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it seems that i like to waste my time

Getting into Splinterlands
Getting into Splinterlands

Having played Hearthstone for almost five years and still doing so from time to time tbh, i kinda got tired of it and wanted to explore something new. I chose Splinterlands. Here i'll document my journey of getting into the game as a new player throughout the so called "untamed expansion" right after the game transitioned to the hive blockchain.

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