Getting into Splinterlands (Week #10)

Hi there, i'm reporting in from holiday to tell you about my last week of rewards from Splinterlands.


On day 63 i reached Diamond III right before the season ended and got 2 Alchemy and 1 Legendary Potion, a Baby Unicorn, 2 Ant Miners and 43 DEC.

On day 64 i got 1 Alchemy Potion, a Grim Reaper (rare) and 24 DEC.

On day 65 i got 1 Alchemy Potion, a Gremlin Blaster (rare) and 14 DEC.

I sold my first card just to try if and how that works and got $2 for a golden Serpentine Mystic. I have no idea if that was a good trade (probably not) but for now i don't care because i now actually know that it's possible to sell stuff and actually make money from the game.

On day 66 i got a Gelatinous Cube, a Barking Spider and 19 DEC.

On day 67 i reached Gold III again and got 2 Alchemy and 1 Legendary Potion, a Phantasm and 50 DEC.

The rest of the week i didn’t do any quests (because of vacation yay).

But here is a table of the season rewards i got for reaching Diamond III.


See you next time :) 


If you want to Get into Splinterlands too, follow this link, create an account and purchase the Summoner's Spellbook – you and i will receive a random card from the Untamed Expansion and you can start to battle and receive more rewards right away and invite other people too. Just click on your username after logging in and choose the "Affiliate Program".

I go by the name of Supercrispy in Splinterlands.

You can have a look at my current collection of cards here.
Also if you're not already using Brave Browser, feel free to download and install it using my link which will also support me. Take back control with Brave and get rewarded for watching ads. I use it to play Splinterlands and it works just fine.

If you like you can also follow me on Twitter and tip me some extra BAT, i'd very much appreciate it.

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Getting into Splinterlands
Getting into Splinterlands

Having played Hearthstone for almost five years and still doing so from time to time tbh, i kinda got tired of it and wanted to explore something new. I chose Splinterlands. Here i'll document my journey of getting into the game as a new player throughout the so called "untamed expansion" right after the game transitioned to the hive blockchain.

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