BCH Games - Anonymous Bitcoin Cash Casino With Free Bitcoin Cash Faucet

BCH Games is a bitcoin casino with a free bitcoin cash faucet, you can get free gambling credits and try to win big amounts of bitcoin cash.


BCH Games Bitcoin Cash Casino is super simple to use and it has a number of awesome features such as instant and anonymous deposits and withdrawals, a free bitcoin cash faucet, super smooth game play and an awesome affiliate system that highlights your affiliates bets in real time.

Here is a look at the crash game, there are many players online betting and the game is super easy to use, just place your stake and then choose how high you want to cash out.. you can run this game on auto bet and automatically cash out or manually cash out whenever you want.



This game is called target and it allows you to win up to one million times your bet, although i can imagine this must be very rare!

The idea of this game is to set your target multiplier and then choose your stake size, i have won x1000 on this won a number of times and the game runs really quick on auto mode allowing you to have thousands of shots at a big prize or run different algorithms to try and build up your coin.



The third game available on BCH Games is dice, one of the most popular bitcoin gambling games and one no crypto casino should be without. The BCH version of dice works really well, it's super simple and easy to use and allow you to run on automatic mode with different settings.



Join BCH Games - https://stakes4.me/bchgames

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