Shiba Inu Jumps On the Metaverse Bandwagon, Bitcoin Bear Market Might Be In, Elon Musk Pumps DOGE Again

By GetBlock | GetBlock | 26 Jan 2022

SHIB leads the crypto recovery after the bloodiest carnage in months on metaverse announcement

Shina Inu Coin (SHIB), the second-largest memetic coin, adds 35% in almost no time on this announcement.

Shiba Inu coin breaks into metaverses race

The developers of Shiba Inu Coin have taken to Twitter to share an announcement about the metaverse-centric ambitions of his brainchild:

As per the announcement, in 2022, Shiberse, the first metaverse project for the Shiba Inu community, is set to go live. With Shiberse, all SHIB holders will enjoy a cutting-edge ‘immersive experience for [Shiba Inu Coin] ecosystem and the Metaverse space’.

The exact details of the Shiberse design remain unknown. As per the statements in Shiba’s Discord, Shiberse might include DEX, games, and tokens.

SHIB price immediately reacted to the announcement. Despite a dramatic drop-down of the altcoins market, SHIB spiked from its multi-month low at $0,000017 to $0,000023.

Bitcoin might be already in a bear market: Glassnode analysts

Researchers of Glassnode, a leading on-chain analytical firm, unveiled that according to their estimations, the bear market for Bitcoin (BTC), a flagship cryptocurrency, has already started.

This scary prediction is confirmed by data from multiple indicators. First, the ongoing correction stopped at 50%, while typical corrections for bullish markets don’t exceed 35-45%.

Then, Net Unrealized Profit/Loss Ratio reached -2,5 billion USD. It means that a dramatically big number of investors sold their Bitcoin (BTC) bags at a loss. Short-term holders constitute the vast majority of panic-sellers.

Almost every Bitcoin (BTC) held by ‘paper hands’ (18,3% of its net liquid supply!) is held at a loss on their prices.

Previously, UBS analysts predicted an ‘apocalyptic’ crypto winter.

DOGE rockets on Elon Musk’s Happy Meal announcement

Tesla Techno King Elon Musk never misses an opportunity to pump his favorite memetic token, Dogecoin (DOGE). Once McDonald’s mocked crypto traders by jokingly inviting them to join its team of waiters and cooks, Mr. Musk came up with an unusual offer.

He promised to eat Happy Meal on TV if McDonald’s starts accepting Dogecoins (DOGE) in their restaurants.

Following this joke, DOGE price added 12% in 15 minutes which is an impressive result amidst market depression.

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