How to moneti$e your life | #1 - Workout

How to Monetize your Life | #1 - Workout

By rflserra | Get Passive Income | 2 Apr 2020


Well, this is my first article here, but I'have been exploring alternatives income streams since I'm a kid and I started to explore the internet.

Since around 2006, I began my journey of trying to take every penny I could from everywhere, always legally, and frequently tried to publish it some where. Had several blogs or websites, so I could show to people that almost every thing you already do can give you some return, or no expense.
So here I will start my series here on publish0x. Stay tunned!


while making some money


I know most of us are in quarantine right now, but we still have to take care of our self, even without gyms or others sports we frequently do.

So for that reason I bring you today...

RunBet logo in blue.

This is by far, my favourite app to monetise my healthy lifestyle, and it doesn't have nothing to do with sports betting.

Summarising, you bet with other people that you will finish a certain run/walk in that specific time at a specific pace, at the end who doesn't finish it looses the deposited cash, who wins earns the initial deposit plus the losers deposit splited with all the other winners.

"Is RunBet gambling?

RunBet is not gambling because it is skill-based with no element of chance. Whether or not you win is entirely under your control."

Wanna know more? 

Follow the step by step below


1. Install the RunBet app and Join

(You can join via Facebook)

Apple App Store badge.Get it on Google Play.

You must have a tracker to connect to RunBet.
I use and recommend Runkeeper

But it's compatible with those too:

An image of the logos for Garmin, Runkeeper, and Strava.

2. Find a Game

Click HERE to find the games available now.



3.  Join a game

You can bet between 30 and 40 USD, it depends on the game, via Paypal or Credit Card.
This is global, so you find people from every part of the globe competing together.


4. Run Run Run (or Walk)

Check the duration, distances, pace and accomplish that

Most games have pause days, so don't worry, you can do it!

5. Finish the run and collect the profits

So far I've been finishing every run so I've collect some healthy and money profits.

Here I show you some Payouts and the winnings

They talk about Points, but has a 1:1 rate to USD.

Runbet takes a little part of the final pot, to maintain the app rolling for us.

Some tips that I can share with you, since I've started using RunBet:

1.  Most runs you can do it walking, but you have to be consistent!

2. Save the Pause days for the rainy days.

3. Don't follow the game that have bigger pots, it doesn't matter, it's proportional. So join a game you feel challenged for, don't try to follow the cash, it will not work, not even will you become millionaire with this.

4.  The average quitting percentage is between 17-26%.

5. The average "interest" you make is 5-18% per run.

6. Never forget, if you don't accomplish the run, you lose your bet.


Stay Home. Stay healthy in is this hard times!

I hope you enjoyed this article, I will soon bring more apps related to the same topic.


Others Ways I use to make some extra cash

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SwissBorg App | Get up to 23% interest when depositing 50€ or more in crypto
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Celsius App| Get 20$ when depositing 200$ or more (use de Code: 117205afa9)
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