How to make money with captcha?

How to make money with captcha?

By Emir Can | Gergous Article | 7 May 2020

Captcha are the questions of robot are you asked on google.
You can earn money by solving more than one of these questions. This platform is a good platform for those who do not work.


  • On average, you can earn around $ 0.50 an hour.
  • You can withdraw the payment to stock exchange sites in exchange for bitcoin.
  • Reference logic is also included. You can be a reference to each other.
  • You can earn money as an typing captcha and a click.
  • The lowest withdrawal btc is $ 1.
  • it takes some effort.
  • You can be blocked when you make captchas very wrong.
  • you can make the request for payment once a day.


-You can reach the site from this link.  :

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Gergous Article

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