What Not to Do When YouTube Warns You About Your Ad Blocker

Call me crazy, but I generally had no problem with ads. Before you explode, notice the past tense formation there. Once upon a time, ads were just this banner at the bottom of the video which if it was a short video or not blocking anything important, you could just ignore. If not then a close option appeared after a few seconds and you could close the ad altogether.

Nowadays you can get a 30 second ad for a 6 minute video. Who in the **** wants to sit through that? Especially since the ''unskippable'' option makes you basically have to sit through the whole thing, not just the first few seconds. So yeah, adblock all the way. But Youtube has gone full capitalist and are basically saying you either watch the ads i.e. disable the adblocker, or you buy our premium service which has no ads.

Luckily, someone took the time to write a full article and explain to you what to do if/when this happens to you:

How to deal with YouTube’s ad-blocker pop-up Hopefully, when you see this pop-up, it’ll only appear as a temporary window, with an (X) you can click to close. However, you may see a warning that blocks you from watching YouTube completely. At this point, the main thing to do is to eliminate the trigger for YouTube’s ad-blocker popup: Disable your ad-blocker.

Oh wow, just disable the adblocker. Gosh, I wish I had many brain like the author there and was able to think on such a level. Thanks Jake from Lifehacker, that was truly the life hack there.😂

Oh but it gets worse: If you’re willing to spend the money, YouTube Premium is the easiest way to watch YouTube without worrying about ads or the ad-blocker pop-up at all. Of course, that costs $13.99 a month.

LOL is this one of those embedded ads within a ''news''article or something? What's going on here? I wanted some tips on how to deal with Youtube's ads, and first you tell me to literally deal with it and then you shill their main goal which is to push their premium.

But fear not, last paragraph journalism does it again:

"However, if you want to continue using your browser-based ad-blocker on YouTube as you always have, there are some technical tricks you can try. GadgetsToUse has a guide on adding scripts to uBlock Origin as well as the Brave browser, or installing an anti-ad-blocker killer to block this pop-up from appearing in browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Safari."

Great, eight paragraphs in and it ends with sending me to another site via a link where I will finally get the answer to the title question. This whole article was like sitting through a 30 second unskippable ad. But yeah at least the answer is there but it might not be for everyone. For the less sophisticated or perhaps unique browser users among us, you can also use the old fashioned way. When the video is blocked by Youtube, copy the link, paste it in a video download site such as and simply delete the video after watching it.



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Geo-Political & Economical developments

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