Reviewhunt - An Amazing Marketing Quest Hub for Hunters and Makers

Reviewhunt - An Amazing Marketing Quest Hub for Hunters and Makers

By chimzycash | General Blog | 31 Jan 2020

The New Reviewhunt platform is here with some cool features and stunning interface and amazing user experience. I really like the new look of the platform, very modern, clean and easy to navigate and use. The Reviewhunt team has done an incredible job on this platform and I must say, the new reviewhunt is a lot better in every aspect.

What is Reviewhunt?

Reviewhunt is an amazing platform where users earn rewards for completing simple quests and product makers run quests, campaigns and more to create awareness, buzz, or gain early users for their product.

Simply put, the Reviewhunt platform allows creators or makers of product(s) to create quests where users can complete these quests and get rewarded for each completed quests. These opens whole new ways for products to gain the much-needed awareness, early users, buzz which can greatly be beneficial to the makers and creators of these products. Also users who complete each quests gain value as well in terms of rewards and also being introduced to new products which can be of great value.



Getting Started on the New Reviewhunt

To get started on Reviewhunt, you need to first register to get access to the platform. To register, go over to the Reviewhunt website, and begin the sign-up process.

Once everything is completed successfully, you will now be logged into your Reviewhunt account where you will find your dashboards and other features of the platform. On Reviewhunt, you can be a Hunter or a Maker.

Reviewhunt Features

  • Get paid for joining simple quests
  • Earn USD pegged rewards just 4 hours after you get quest approval
  • Super simple interface to launch any marketing quest.
  • Zero fees to create a quest if you use HUNT tokens.
  • One account for hunters/makers. Earn rewards as a hunter and create quests as a maker all in one account.

Reviewhunt is such an amazing platform and I am really enjoying every bit of the platform, from the stunning looking interface to the ease of use and user experience. The great news for hunters is that every hunter who performs and completes each quest gets reward for every quest completed. Once your quest is submitted and approved, it takes 4 hrs, and you will receive your rewards. I really like the platform a lot and so far, it has been amazing.




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