Exchange BCH and other assets with 0% commission

Exchange BCH and other assets with 0% commission

By ryosuke | Genaralities | 30 Dec 2020


There are a lot of exchanges now which permits you to make your own operations such as binance and coinbase and as we all know they have fees for every performed operation but the most interesting of all is uphold because this latter allows you to make exchanges, deposit and withdrawal without any fees.

well they launched a new feature called uphold-wallet and by this latter you can do the magic

create account and KYC

uphold is like all other exchanges, it requires you to sign up and verify your identity the steps of creating an account and

verifying the identity are easy so I'm not going to show the steps in this one

You have to verify your identity otherwise it won't permit you to execute any operation so don't forget that

supported assets

I'm just going to mention the major ones here because they have a wide range of supported crypto (it supports 115 asset) so if you are interested in uphold all you have to do is check by yourself so the supported are as follows:


How to do it

after creating and verifying the account you will see a banner like the image below that says " Uphold just got better! 0% trading commissions, 0% deposit/withdrawal fees, and 100% easier to use." the image below shows that


well click on try now it will demand you to reenter your email and password as depicted in the picture fill the form with your information and hit enter


you will be directed to another page as shown in the image beneath


and as you can see it is subdivided into 3 sections and the one we are interested in is the one in the right that's where you can do all your stuff

the next step is to choose the asset you want to exchange (in our case BCH) and to which one you'll exchange it as shown down (I'm going to exchange it to LTC)


Then click on preview trade you will be directed to another to another page as shown beneath and then hit confirm trade and you done


as you can see in the highlighted image (the fourth image) it says 0% commissions


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