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If NFTs are The Future, Will ECOMI's OMI Token Be A Big Deal?

By BeanoTheGeek | geekinmysparetime | 8 Mar 2021

ECOMI is a tech company based in Singapore that is making all kinds of noise in the digital collectibles space. ECOMI also built VeVe, a blockchain-based digital collectibles platform that has all kinds of big name licenses up their sleeve. (We're talking Tokidoki, CBS, Cartoon Network, Star Trek, Adventure Time, Warner Bros., Capcom, DC Collectibles, Monster Hunter, Ghostbusters, NFL, General Motor, Jurassic Park, Back To The Future, and more.) Will this make their OMI token a token that everyone will want in their crypto wallets in the future?

NFTs have been thrust into the spotlight with more than $60 million in sales in February alone. According to Bloomberg, even before the February price explosion, the overall NFT market was worth over $250 mullion (Up 299% from 2019). You can find all kinds of articles arguing about 'NFTs being the future' and just as many saying NFTS are a 'complete waste of time, money, and resources.' Now, I'm no financial expert, but with that kind of value changing hands, the technological leaps being made, and the amount of buzz behind NFTs, I am making the assumption that NFTs will at least be a big deal for a little while. (Maybe even a long while?)

To buy, trade or sell digital collectibles within the VeVe platform, you use OMI tokens ( Read all about their token metrics here). The OMI token is a GO20 (GoChain) type utility token, with a total supply of 750bn and a ticker symbol of OMI.

As of right now it is only available on or, but rumors are that it's coming to Uniswap this quarter.

There are a number of markets diving head first into the NFT space, but reading about VeVe and seeing the licenses they have already secured of globally popular brands, makes me think they they may become a household name, At least in the NFT world. I'll embed a few of their social posts that show off some of their work below.

I am not here to shill anything, or push a pump, I am just literally fascinated with how NFTs are reshaping the landscape of art and collectibles. If I am right, and this blows up, my wallet would be happy. However, I am just a guy who is fascinated by how the collectible NFTS are being eaten up by fans and collectors alike. I'm not a crypto guru, nor am I giving you any financial advice. Do your own research on what ECOMI, VEVE and OMI are all about. I think it could be big. You might disagree. Only time will tell, just don't throw your life savings, or mortgage your future, to gamble with this, or any crypto currency.

That being said, if you dig the OMI idea an wanted to buy any, it's not an easy find, at least in the US.  However, I used this walkthrough by the Crypto Ape that gave me some step by step instructions on how to get a little bit of OMI for myself.

Here are a few of the things VeVe is showing off.

So what are your thoughts on VeVe? What other big names to you expect to be a big deal in the NFT world?

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