Crypto sure is on a Run

By gduran | gduran | 16 May 2019

The crypto market is sure on a bull run right now, and yes it seems to include all coins now, with, of course, Bitcoin leading the way as it is up over double what it was worth just a coupl of months ago. But today was the day that most of the other coins also started their climb, hopefully for a long time and don't have a slump as bad as the one we just got through.

Things could go awry in this market which is very fickle but after so meuch negativity it is certainly good to see evrything going up for a change, in fact of all the coins that make the top 100 in CMC only five are in the red slightly and two of these are capped with the USD so they are not likely to be green or red for much time.

Hydro and Bounty0x are also doing good as is Steem which s frankly the one I like to see the most as it is the one coin that has taken me out of several financial problems, it was in a very sorry slump but at last it seems to be going up. As I am writing this it has just gone past the $0.43 price and it is now in 58 place, still a long shot from where we want it to be but at least we are now seeing positive signs.

I expect more than a few people have already made a good profit thanks to this price rebound, kudos to all who have.


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