Every New characters Released In Free Fire Since 2020
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Every New characters Released In Free Fire Since 2020

By IAMSAIFF | Gareena Free Fire | 23 Feb 2021

Every New characters Released In Free Fire Since 2020

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Free Fire has some of factors that make it stick out from other warfare royal titles at the cellular platform.


The characters are one of the most exciting capabilities of the sport. they all, besides Primis and Nulla, have unique abilities that beautify the gameplay and deliver gamers an advantage on the battleground.


the game presently has more than 30 characters. The builders often introduce new characters, with the today's addition being Chrono – the in-sport personality of Portuguese soccer movie star, Cristiano Ronaldo.


this newsletter lists out all of the characters which have been released in unfastened hearth when you consider that 2020.


Free Fire characters launched considering that 2020


#1 Alvaro



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Description: Alvaro is a wild but professional demolitionist.


capacity: art of Demolition (Passive)


#2 Chrono





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Description: Chrono is a bounty hunter from another universe.


ability: Time Turner (energetic)


#3 Clu



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Description: Clu is a current-day personal detective.


ability: Tracing Steps (active)


#4 Dasha



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Description: Dasha is a prankster and rebellion.


capacity: Partying On


#5 Jota



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Description: Jota is a parkour professional and stuntman.


ability: Sustained Raids (Passive)


#6 Jai



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Description: Jai is a embellished SWAT commander.


capacity: Raging Reload (Passive)


#7 k



12611-16119893618723-800.jpg Image Via SportsKeeda  



Description: okay is a professor and jiu-jitsu expert.


capacity: grasp of All (lively)


#8 Kapella



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Description: Kapella is a famous pop singer and star.


capability: recuperation track (Passive)


#9 Luqueta



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Description: Luqueta is an "up and growing" soccer megastar.


potential: Hat Trick (Passive)


#10 Steffie



527b2-16119893887391-800.jpg Image Via SportsKeeda  



Description: Steffie is a pro graffiti artist.


ability: Painted safe haven (lively)


#11 Wolfrahh



97486-16119893986256-800.jpg Image Via SportsKeeda  



Description: Wolfrahh is a sport streamer and esports player.


ability: Limelight (Passive)


Woke up character


#1 Kelly 'the swift'



ef74f-16119894548367-800.jpg Image Via SportsKeeda  



Description: Kelly's capability is unlocked to be used.


capacity: deadly speed


#2 Hayato 'Firebrand'



163d8-16119894635547-800.jpg Image Via SportsKeeda




Description: something has awakened inside Hayato.


capacity: art of Blades


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