Starbucks follows his coffee with the Microsoft blockchain

By Gamma | Gamma | 1 Sep 2020


Starbucks powered by Microsoft


The new tool, powered by Microsoft, uses blockchain technology and will allow Starbucks to share with its customers the traceability data that the world's largest coffee chain has been collecting for more than a decade.
Starbucks has implemented a QRcode on every pack of coffee, one that aims to show the traceability of the product but also the different stages the coffee has gone through such as roasting.


The QRcode would also allow the producer to see where his product is consumed.


"We've been able to track every coffee we've bought from every farm for almost two decades," Burns said in an interview before the launch. "This has given us the foundation to create a user-friendly, consumer-focused tool that certainly gives our customers the confidence that we know where all our coffee comes from."


But the biggest benefit is for Starbucks, who will know exactly which customers are buying what, so they can plan highly targeted marketing for each consumer.


The application and the codes are based on Microsoft's enterprise blockchain services, which in fact also owns all this data. At the beginning of the year, he also wanted a partnership with Bakkt or with companies in the supermarket sector.


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