Polkadot DOT : Fast profits for Kraken and Binance?

By Gamma | Gamma | 11 Sep 2020

Kraken and Binance blamed for Polkadot DOT listing

Both the Kraken and Binance platforms listed Polkabot's DOT 3 days before their upgrades.

This upgrading is done with a ratio of 1:100 by a process called New DOT.


This leads to a competition to the listing of certain projects as indicated by different members of the community that will be set up to promote access to these new tokens and thus meet the demand of their users.

However, this raises questions about equality of opportunity and the potential for profit, which is likely to benefit these same platforms.

Without forgetting that this made for them a form of indirect advertising created by the wave of popularity of the Polkadot DOT which has surely pushed users to register on their platforms knowing that the token was listed three days earlier.

What do you think of this?

Let's talk a little bit about its price because if we talk about listing and exchange platforms it's also because many hope to see the DOT has high values.


It has accumulated at its highest a capitalization of over $5,250,000,000 on September 2nd and then stabilized and is currently priced at $3,948,538,569 for a volume in the last 24 hours of $670,723,896.


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