Facebook: Libra a project in danger ?

Facebook: Libra a project in danger ?

By Gamma | Gamma | 7 Apr 2020

Need more time ...

Facebook’s plan to have a single global electronic currency is not being abandoned, but the company is giving itself more time to rethink its strategy. Its Calibra cryptocurrency storage portfolio, which was originally supposed to support only Libra, is also expected to be delayed until next October.

The Libra cryptocurrency was at the center of the strategy of the American group. Only, the criticisms expressed by the regulators and the doubts of the historic partners (Mastercard, Visa or even PayPal have decided to leave the Libra project


Facebook is forced to review its plans for cryptocurrencies. The American giant, which announced its Libra project last June, now seems to want to focus on digital versions of currencies issued by governments. Contrary to what was first announced, the company would not leave Libra aside.

Facebook is said to be ready to support digital currencies backed by central banks like the Euro or the US dollar.

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