For the moment the fee is 0 and get a double cashback For the moment the fee is 0 and get a double cashback

By Gamma | Gamma | 11 Apr 2020

The fee is 0, launches a series of measures to help address the impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

the credit/debit card fee of usually 3.5% for encrypted purchases is waived for all users.

for cardholders, reimbursement rates are increased for basic necessities such as food products


-Midnight Blue: 5% discount on your purchases will be paid back to you, with a maximum per month of $25.

-Metal: 10% up to a limit of $50 a month.

Gift cards via the application using the CRO token as payment method, the cashback you receive is doubled in return.

-Bookstores - from 2.5% to 5%
-Electronics - from 2.5% to 5
-Entertainment - from 5% to 10
-Food deliveries - from 10% to 20%.
-Gaming - from 5% to 10

It is still possible to purchase a card and you will also be eligible for these promotions. By ordering a card from the Metal range.



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