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Coinpot: adds interest rewards (no affiliate link)

By Gamma | Gamma | 29 Aug 2020

Adds interest rewards


You can now earn interest rewards on different levels, their reward system is really interesting because you can easily accumulate coinpot with their different faucet.

Here are the all the conditions and the different levels of rewards:



And here are the details of all the new features added to coinpot, such as the possibility to receive free tickets to participate in the lottery.

Here are all the details:

The VIP reward system takes effect from 12th August 2020.

  • Just after midnight (UTC) each day we will calculate your VIP Reward Level based on your current CoinPot tokens balance.
  • There are 6 VIP reward levels available - Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The requirements and rewards for each level are detailed below.
  • Once your VIP Reward Level is set, it remains in place for the rest of the day.
  • Rewards are paid/credited immediately, once your level has been calculated.
  • Daily interest is calculated on your tokens balance at the relevant rate, and is rounded down to the nearest token.
  • This means that as the Standard level rate is 0.02%, you will NOT receive any interest if your balance is below 5000 tokens.
  •  Challenge stars count towards the Challenges leaderboard.
  • Any free lottery tickets you receive must be used for a Lottery round the same day, or they will expire at midnight! 
  • Free tokens are rewarded throughout the day for claims from any of our partner faucets.
  • If you plan to hold a large balance then we strongly recommend that your account is secured with a long, random password - which is not shared with anyone or used on other sites.


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