A splinterlands battle between 2 Scavengers, Ant Miners against Riftwing

By Wazza84 | games-and-stuff | 8 Apr 2022

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When i started playing Splinterlands back in October, i didn't take much notion to game rule-sets and definitely not what certain abilities of cards did to your tactics. It was more like this: i like this image and this and this... ow, i got some left over mana, let's swap this card for that and here we go!

Why am i telling this? Well, one of the first reward cards i got, where the Ant Miners, a card which has, well, actually every stat at only 1. But it has the Scavenger ability, and because i grew in the game, last week i had a battle of which i thought, well perhaps it fits perfectly here. So lets see where we can fit this card!


Ant Miners



Kobolds have long been considered the most skilled miners in the land. Their small stature and inherent bravery allows them to squeeze into small and risky spaces, and they are very good with tools. Recently however, the Kobolds have apparently dug too deep into the crust beneath the Molten Mountains. This has allowed an undiscovered race of Fire Ants to breach the surface. These Ants are each about the size of a man’s fist, not large enough individually to pose a threat to anyone, but they are very good at teamwork and they operate through a shared hive mind. The Ant Miners carry tiny tools, which they use to enhance their already-formidable digging skills. They always travel in packs and lines; if you see a line of Ant Miners approaching your home, do not attempt to fight. It’s best to just give up your home.

Costs & Use

Edition: Reward

Rarity: Common  

Element: Fire

Normal Foil (level 1)

  • CP: 10
  • Cost: $0.206 
  • Rental a day: 0.1 DEC 

Gold Foil (level 3)   

  • CP: 140
  • Cost: $2.884
  • Rental a day: 1.650 DEC

Above prices are taken from peakmonsters.com.


  • 2 Mana 
  • Scavenger 
  • Shield (level 6) 


  • 1 Life
  • 1 Speed
  • 1 Attack

In this particular battle / rule-set, i think it's a card of great use because of it's scavenger ability. Beyond that i don't think it's of very much use if it's below level 6 and missing the shield ability.


Teams and Rule-set

EogNk7o1RRsWJg7HP2Tj81dHMykz4esiRC37BEUVP9LWTXsDABdJFexb8AfufYkufEy.pngLink to full battle

The rule-set of this battle:

  • Mana Cap: 25
  • Splinters: All except Earth
  • Rule-set: Little League

My Team



  • Splinter: Fire
  • Summoner: Tarsa, Buff: +1 Health, +1 Attack
  • Tank: Xenith Monk  
  • 2nd Line: Antoid Platoon, Shield
  • 3rd Line: Serpentine Spy, Opportunity
  • 4th Line: Spark Pixies, Flying
  • 5th Line: Scavo Firebolt
  • 6th Line: Ant Miners, Scavenger


Opponent's Team



  • Splinter: Death
  • Summoner: Thaddius Brood, Buff: -1 Health, -1 Magic
  • Tank: Xenith Monk
  • 2nd Line: Riftwing, Flying, Scavenger
  • 3rd Line: Life Sapper, Life Leach
  • 4th Line: Death Elemental, Snipe
  • 5th Line: Soul Strangler
  • 6th Line: Dark Astronomer  



Last week, i was playing some games when i came across the rule-set Little League (only monsters below 4 mana) and when i selected Tarsa as summoner, i took a look at my cards, and decided to add the Ant Miners as closer to see what happened. If i entered the battle with the correct setup and some luck, perhaps the ant miners would survive the first round and maybe end up with like 5 health in tank position by the time the battle was nearing its end.

So for this battle, i put Xenith Monk in tank position because of his high health and speed. With the Antoid Platoon coming in second because of it's shield capability.

In third i chose the Serpentyne Spy for it's high speed and attack despite of it's low health. The same goes for the Spark Pixies next. Because of Flying and high speed, this is guarantied to get some misses if the opponent uses range or melee.


The Battle


In the first round of this battle, my Spark Pixies took the first fall, feeding the ant miners and riftwing. Also my opponents Xenith monk was taken down, meaning an increase of 2 health for the 2 scavenger cards. Luckily for me, the Dark Astronomer got a miss on my Xenith Monk leaving it alive for the next round.

Entering round 2, with the Riftwing in tank position, i was thinking that i made a mistake by having only 3 usefull attackers, and that my monsters would be finished 1 by 1. But my Xenith Monk gave a hit to the Riftwing, and my Serpentine Spy took out the Death Elemental. Then my Xenith Monk took it's last hit, and with another 2 monster fallen, the scavenger cards gained another 2 health. So my Ant Miners health has increased to 5.

In round 3 the Soul Strangler took the first fall, increasing the health again, and the attacks on the riftwing hit, so it's life was depleted to 2. And in the 4th round, my Serpentine Spy killed the riftwing, leaving my opponent with only the Life Sapper and Dark Astronomer.

After 2 attacks on my tank, the Antoid Platoon left the battlefield, increasing my ant miners health to 8. Now the Life Sapper ended the Serpentine Spy. putting my ranged attacker in tank, so without being able to attack, this also fell.

After killing the Scavo in round 6, the Ant Miners moved into tank position with a whopping 10 health. So after a quick calculation this meant that the Ant Miners could miss the Life Sapper 2 / 3 times and still be able to win. But it didn't.

In the final 3 rounds, all that was left to do for my Ant Miners, was take home the win.



For this type of battle, Ant Miners can be a great card to use. But just make sure to place a filler card like Chaos agent in front, so that the scavenger ability can do it's job. Luckily for me, my opponent didn't use a sneak card, otherwise it would have been a short battle for the Ant Miners.

So if you use it, take the rule-set into consideration and don't put the Ant Miners as closer.


I hope you enjoyed my entry for this weeks battle, and if you do, don't forget to like and follow!

Hope to see you in the next share your battle!

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