Splintershards (SPS) in Splinterlands and it's Airdrop [Complete Guide for Beginners]

By wackywriter | Game Patrol | 19 Aug 2021

Airdropped to every player, every day, for the whole year. Even new ones.

Splinterlands' other token, DEC, has already been on fire with an 800-1000% growth and its about as good a time to get in as any other. 

Did anyone see Axie Infinity's explosive growth recently? With exponential adoption, I have strong reason to believe Splinterlands will be the next big NFT gaming platform to explode. The best part is they are giving airdrops to every player, every day, for the whole year (and this just started).

Introduction to Splinterlands

Launched in 2018, this blockchain game belongs to the genre of 'Trading Card' games which is perhaps the easiest way to envision it. The twist is, all cards are actually tradeable NFTs and hold real value. These can be earned, traded and even burnt which adds value to your assets. These cards can be used in battles which help you to earn the token DEC.

Splinterlands' Tokens

Before we move onto claiming the SPS token it is essential to understand how all the assets in the game work. Though there are numerous, from the tradeable NFT cards I mentioned, to potions you can sell peer-to-peer through blockchain, we will start by exploring the tokens themselves: DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) and SPS (Splinterlands Tokens).

Dark Energy Crystals

This is the token you earn by winning battles. You can actually make quite a decent living off these the higher up the ranks of Splinterlands you get to. For example, within a month or two of joining up, when players usually reach the Silver league, you can earn up to 15 DEC for each win.

Usually, the game let's you play an average of 24 games in a day though this is dependent on your ECR (Energy Capture Rate) which diminishes how much you can earn in each match. These circumstances will allow you to be earning a maximum of about $70 a month.

Remember, your earnings are exponential. If you play longer than this it is quite possible that you will be earning ten times that amount when you are good enough. I certainly am looking forward to that day.

If you want to earn for simply gaming, what you would be doing anyways to relax, join up here.


The SPS token is more limited in it's usage right now, but is soon to become the most liquid in-game token. What's better is you can stake your SPS in game to earn 250% or more APY. I will leave the intricacies of compound growth out of this, but if you are earning this token every day and earning more on what you already have, its a pretty good deal.

Note: Set the price-axis to logarithmic to show the relative volatility of the tokens and the time span to 1M or 3M (SPS recently launched).

The Role of Assets in the SPS Airdrop

The reason assets are so important to understand in the SPS airdrop is that they are the main component the game uses to decide how much it owes you. The problem is, there are so many ways to earn within the game, and so many assets you can possibly make an earning off. We will leave the ones that are not applicable to most newcomers out of this discussion. However, here are the main three which are going to be relevant to claiming SPS, along with their "airdrop points" (to be explained below).

  • Collection Power (1)
  • DEC Tokens (1)
  • DEC in Liquidity Pools (2)


What are Airdrop Points

To divide up the airdrop amongst Splinterlands' players, these points are used to determine your cut from the overall pool. 

A total of 400M SPS tokens, equal to 13.33% of the total SPS supply are to be airdropped to players. That is huge capable of making some pretty big whales.

These 400M are divided up based on your points as a fraction of all the points everyone else has earnt. You are then given that fraction. Daily. Simple?

Collection Power

If you need a little clarification on collection power, it is a super easy concept to understand. Each card, or "NFT" (remember) you own in the game, the more collection power you get. This varies based on the type of card. A common card, can vary as much as 750 power for Gold foil and as little as 30 for normal foil,.

How you can use SPS to gain more SPS

Here is an overview of what you will be looking at whilst doing SPS operations:


The part on the right of the screen, including the table of Airdrop points you saw earlier, is where you will mainly be doing the Airdrop "claims". However, the part on the left is just as important. It will let your SPS, earn you more SPS.

Here you can transfer in any SPS you may have bought off third party platforms. You do want to make full use of this as it can then be staked, earning reward, as a pose to just sitting in your wallet.

Additionally, any SPS you claim from the airdrop go towards the in game balance which you can then use to stake more SPS.

Keep doing this for a year and that is some serious SPS!

Other helpful tips

  • Do not forget to claim your matured SPS from staking as you can use these earnings and add them to the staked amount itself- therefore, compounding.
  • This game's tokens have been showing signs of explosive growth so remember that SPS will be worth a lot more in 365 days, when you'll have a lot more SPS.
  • Consider holding onto your DEC to earn more SPS, and if you can, put it towards a DEC-BUSD liquidity pool. This pool, attached to a wallet in the game will earn you twice as many airdrop points.
  • Don't forget to do any of the above claiming every day. Compound growth is serious and our minds can't comprehend it.

Implications of Exponential Growth - ppt download

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