How to Become a Professional Gamer with Splinterlands - Early Adopter Guide

By wackywriter | Game Patrol | 14 Aug 2021


Yes, the explosive 700-1000% growth you're looking at happened just this month in Splinterlands' native token DEC. Arguably, the second biggest play-to-earn game, still cheap enough for you to get in now, could make you a fortune should you join the early adoption train and get paid too.

How does it feel to be an early adopter?

These are the appealing words on Splinterlands' loading screen.

Early Adopters...

File:DiffusionOfInnovation.png - Wikipedia

You're looking at the Innovation Adoption Lifecycle, a common framework through which technology analysts assess the present situation of a particular good or service in a market. 

Why is this important?

Usually, the greatest beneficiaries of new technologies are (respectively) the innovators, early adopters and then the early majority. Though this isn't the case for everything, there is an overlap with Crypto where we are still in the early adopter phase. In fact, following El Salvador's decision to accept Crypto as a form of legal tender, there is great anticipation for other countries to follow suite. What the legal tender showed was exactly the missing piece: to transform Crypto from just a mere store of value into a transactable asset. It would be a mistake to think that big institutions, such as investment banks, have gotten ramped up their Crypto portfolios in such a short time, should they also be pessimistic of Crypto's adoption. If we accept that the biggest financial players are expecting sweeping change to hit the financial industry, then we better ride along!

Significance for the gaming industry

Interestingly, the crypto gaming industry in itself is going through a sub-lifecycle within the Crypto adoption lifecycle. This leaves an interesting opportunity for gamers to become early adopters, or perhaps even innovators by owning a part of the game in Splinterlands

Interestingly most analysts note that the early adopters of any given technology are most often the youth- young adults and teenagers who are yet to build financial wealth and "stable" lives. This renders them more experimental and quite possibly is the recent driver behind the phenomenon of Gen Z crypto millionaires. It is also then unsurprising that Crypto Gaming in specific, including NFTs, has become such a large driving force behind the overall Crypto and Blockchain industry.

How can you become an early adopter?

There's good news and bad news for both you and I. 

Let's start with the bad news...

The leading play-to-earn game (that is, leading only in sales' volume and token price) is perhaps unsurprising to you: Axie Infinity. That's not the bad news but what is, is the initial capital required as you need to buy your first NFT to actually get into the game and it is not cheap. In a way, I can no longer become an early adopter of this game and I doubt that everyone can.

But here's the good news...

The gaming industry isn't only made of one game and so it would be oversight to not think the second biggest play-to-earn game does not provide serious potential. When I say serious I mean...

...seriously. Let's talk numbers

Why would a game pay you to play in the first place? And sure if it paid everyone the pay outs won't be that great. These are genuine and natural thoughts that come to mind and they certainly did to mine...

But then I realised I don't want Gen Z to mock me the same way we do to the "okay boomer" memes...

In other words, I had to rock it before I knock it. I needed to see what this game was about.

Apart from the seriously low start-up requirements, I was surprised to actually be making money. Okay, maybe not A LOT, but still a handy income. In fact, I could comfortably cover my grocery expenses using just the money I made in the game. This is rough equivalence and I have not started to take any money out just yet. I do not plan on taking out my precious earnings until I get to an even higher league.

Professional Gaming and Time Required

Firstly, I do not have a great amount of time during the day. Apart from my tedious office job, I only have so much time during the day and so I would've thought it absurd that I would actually look into gaming as a passive income choice.

Especially, surely if I had to make any real money, it would take hours and hours a day. Actually no...


Here's the rundown:

I play roughly an hour a day and find time for 15-25 matches.

earn about 15 DEC per match I win, depending on my ECR.

I can comfortably make around 300 DEC a day.

I play almost everyday as the game is available on my phone too, and so with consistency can make 9000 DEC in a month.

At the present rate, this is roughly $70 a month. Baring in mind I just started, have been playing for 4 weeks, and expect much higher earnings over the next few months.


Regardless, to be transparent, it is not a wild amount of money. However, if you're like me and enjoy gaming, then why not get paid for doing something you love? 

I guarantee it'll at least help those of you struggling to make ends meet or looking for some extra cash, a handy revenue stream!

I'm very lucky to be an early adopter of Crypto Gaming and Blogging. If you found this post informative, make sure to follow! It means a lot :)


Happy gaming.


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