Airdrop Performance Update: Day 40/365 of Free SPS

By wackywriter | Game Patrol | 5 Sep 2021

With 40 days down, and 325 days to go of Splinterlands' SPS airdrop, it's a wonderful time to update the community on the surprising ease with which I am making a passive income. The SPS token is a recent release and sets up the world's second largest NFT game to soar to greater heights.

The NFT Boom

It was just last month, in August, that Splinterlands' in-game and native token DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) which it uses to award players after battles, as well as lets them purchase new NFT cards amongst other purposes, saw an explosive growth paralleled by the broad facing strength in the NFT industry. Now exponentially growing, the records that were set in the first half of the year of 2021 were easily met by just one month of August.


Compared to previous years, NFTs have been on fire in 2021

In the recent boom, NFT based projects are all destined to do well. Amongst this is Splinterlands.


"Okay, the boom is great but tell me more about this free token..."

Well, as the game, and the NFT industry in general is still in a phase of early adoption within the 'Innovation Adoption Lifecycle', a framework for analysts to understand and assign value to certain new technology industries (see below), it's only natural that the first movers and early adopters are given the best benefits.

But this does not mean it is too late.

Technology adoption life cycle - Wikipedia

We're still in the early adopter phase of Blockchain, and, arguably, the innovator stage of NFTs as games like Splinterlands are made and find their path in the industry.

The way to reward these early adopters, and innovators, is through the use of the in game airdrop, despite there already being incentive in that the people that have joined first, played a few battles and earned their DEC and SPS will now be able to sit back and watch their in-game currency go up in USD value all whilst they earn more and more of it.

What it's actually worth

The way it works is that you get awarded a number of tokens proportional to the number of points you have scored on the Airdrop system simply by playing the game. These points do not get used up or go away, and can only be added to. You can do this by earning more DEC, through playing battles, as the more DEC you hold, the more SPS you will be awarded through the airdrop.

The SPS token will have crucial in game purposes in the future including awarding holders with special NFT cards or promotional discounts before any other players in the community. This is causing a growing demand for the token amongst NFT savvy individuals as they realise the potential within the Blockchain game.

Let's take the example of a player who has been playing this game for two months.

Every day, they have accumulated DEC and cards through battling and participating in daily quests which award more in game items. This in itself allows them to earn, by the end of the two months and if they are good enough, about 10 DEC a game. In the process the DEC awarding process will have snowballed as they gained more experience and climb the leagues. 

A good place to be sitting would now be with a pool of 10,000+ DEC. 

This within the present SPS Airdrop system will allocate you with just about 2.5 SPS a day.

You do not have to collect every day as it sits ready for collection and what's more is that you can stake it further for a 120%+ APY.

This player is myself, and I can now, over the remaining 325 days of the Airdrop (plenty of time!) earn 1800 SPS in total without playing another battle at all.

Realistically however, I am going to play more and more battles as I just love the game, and the actual figure will be even higher than that so it will be handy to find some hand extra income just from doing something I love.

If you like gaming, and you like crypto, join up here.

Crypto is OUR community and WE get to decide the future of the financial system. 
Spread positivity, knowledge and advice, and good karma will be on it's way.

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