The Best Crypto Wallet

The Best Crypto Wallet

By Crypto HunterX | Game on Blockchain | 18 Jan 2020

Midas Wallet support 26 chains, 14 exchanges, thousands of tokens and dapps in one single universal wallet app.

1. STORE: with many chains, Midas wallet is one of the best wallet can support 26 chains. On new version, ATOM, ZCASH and DOGE also be supported.


2. Swap:Midas wallet can connect with 14 exchanges: Binance exchange and BNB DEX,Kucoin, Okex, Vinex, Kyber. So easy to trade on midas wallet


3. Play multi Dapps: Midas wallet support many Dapps on many main Chains. On Ethereum, you can play Cryptokitties, CDP Portal...On TRON, you can play Uwink, 888Tron, TronTrade...On Mcashchain, you can play Poker, Mcash dice...


4. Multi Profile on one wallet. You can create many Profiles with many wallets


5. Earn free money every day. With Lucky wheel, you will receive on turn every day and 100% receive token. If you invite more friend, you will receive more turns. so funny to earn money free.



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Crypto HunterX
Crypto HunterX

I am Crypto investor. I love Crypto and Blockchain. I have researched blockchain and crypto sine 2017. I am supporting Midas Protocol Project, Mcashchain and Vinex Exchange. I am an admin of Crypto Group on facebook with 77k members.

Game on Blockchain
Game on Blockchain

There are many games on blockchain( are called Dapps). I will review Dapps on blockchain.

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