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I am Crypto investor. I love Crypto and Blockchain. I have researched blockchain and crypto sine 2017. I am supporting Midas Protocol Project, Mcashchain and Vinex Exchange. I am an admin of Crypto Group on facebook with 77k members.

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Midas Wallet is one of the best mobile crypto wallet: 1. Multi Chains:BTC,ETH,XRP,Zcoin,Mcashchain,Klaytt...... 2. Multi Exchanges( CEXs and DEXs): Binance,Kcoin,Biki , Changelly, Kyber, Okex,Vinex,,Totle 3. MultiDaaps on Multichains: Mcashdice, tomo...

Midas Ecosystem - One Stop Solution Services

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After one year of development, we are ready to roll out all services that Midas Ecosystem can offer to the market. Coin Listing on Vinex.Network exchange Coin Listing on UniDex Exchange Coin Listing as default on Midas Protocol Wallet dApp Listing as...


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Introducing the Reserve Protocol Aware that leading cryptocurrencies are still struggling with the blockchain dilemma and unlikely to scale to global levels while concurrently maintaining a stable purchasing power, the team at Reserve Protocol is des...


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Introduction Believe it or not, every other time you browse, sign up or login to social media you are unknowingly generating data. These data are usually bundled and either sold to a marketer, or used to improve the platform’s pro-profit systems. It’...


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Introduction Admittedly, the cryptocurrency market is slowly evolving. There are now more deep-pocketed players involved. As the space matures, cryptocurrency exchanges will play a more vital role. Over and above everything, cryptocurrency exchanges...


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Ozcar Airdrop OCR Token – Earn $20 Of OCR Tokens Free Ozcar Airdrop OCR Token – Tutorial As Below Step 1: Chat With Ozcar Telegram Bot – Chat with Ozcar (OCR) Airdrop Bot: – Click on ‘Start’: Pass Human and do tasks – J...

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BINANCE NEO / BTC : BUY : 0.00088 SELL : TARGET 1 : 0.0010TARGET 2 : 0.0012TARGET 3 : 0.0013Stop Loss : 0.00082

18 Ways to Earn Active and Passive Income with Midas Ecosystem

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MIDAS  is crypto company in Singapore. They have many ways to give you income. Today I will introduce 18 ways to earn income with midas ecosystem. Passive Income: 1. Staking Dome House Edge SharesThe Staking Economy Hall of Fame - uses on-chain stora...


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  Mcashdice is Dapp on Mcashchain, Players dice and earn MCash ( list on coinmarketcap). There are many ways to earn Mcash with Mcashdice Refferral link: earn 1% MCash total volume you dice Step1 : Download Midas Wallet (IOS and Android) or Mcashli...

Bitcoin Halving

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Bitcoin maybe is GOLD on internet. During 10 years development of BITCOIN, We had 2 halving and BTC price pump. I am waiting the next halving and my target will be 50k $