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Mcashdice is Dapp on Mcashchain, Players dice and earn MCash ( list on coinmarketcap). There are many ways to earn Mcash with Mcashdice

  1. Refferral link: earn 1% MCash total volume you dice

Step1 : Download Midas Wallet (IOS and Android) or Mcashlight (On PC)


Step 2: Create the first McashWallet

Step 3: Login https://vinex.network/?ref=yqgp4x, buy MCash ( 1ETH = 17k mcash)

Step 4: withdraw MCash to your MCash Wallet ( on Mcashlight or Midas Wallet

Step 5: Login https://www.mcashdice.com/

After you login Mcashdice, you will have Referral Link

Step 6: Create the second  MCashwallet, Login MCashdice buy your referral link.

Step 7: Play Mcashdice by the second Mcashwallet. The first McashWallet will receive 1% Volume MCashdice of the second  MCashwallet


  1. Reward for top 10 Dicer : If you are one of top 10 Dicer of day, you will receive % Total volume of day.


  1. King of Week :If you win “ king of week”, you can earn 0.6% total volume of 


Crypto HunterX
Crypto HunterX

I am Crypto investor. I love Crypto and Blockchain. I have researched blockchain and crypto sine 2017. I am supporting Midas Protocol Project, Mcashchain and Vinex Exchange. I am an admin of Crypto Group on facebook with 77k members.

Game on Blockchain
Game on Blockchain

There are many games on blockchain( are called Dapps). I will review Dapps on blockchain.

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