Ego Shooter game, and earn Nano Coins

Ego Shooter game, and earn Nano Coins

By MrBitcoin | Game and Earn Crypto | 24 Jul 2020

Play Ego Shooter game and earn Nano Coins


How Do I Play?

  • Grab a Nano Wallet (Natrium, @NanoWalletBot on Telegram, NanoVault)
  • They have dont a Wallet. PlayNANO gives you a wallet :
  • Setup your wallet, make sure you've saved your seed and copy your nano address (starts with 'nano')
  • Choose a Username and enter it and your nano address into the form and hit Go
  • Follow the custom link to Play QuakeJS
  • For each frag in the game you'll get a Nano reward


it's fun to play.
and the beautiful one earns nano coins



i want to help people earn crypto for free

Game and Earn Crypto
Game and Earn Crypto

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