LuckyFish/Stake/BC Dice Strategy, The "6x Paroli"

By L7y | Gambling Strategies | 8 Aug 2021

This modified Paroli system is a bit different than the 11000x system discussed in the last post. With this 6x system we are searching for consecutive wins as quickly as possible as there is less of a safety net created from a streak of wins that do not hit our goal. I am a fan of this method and use it in my wagers regularly. In this method we are going for a streak of 4 wins with a 6x multiplier as quickly as possible.

So for setup, we set the multiplier to 6.00x, the on win bet increase to 500%, the on loss bet to reset. On LuckyFish or on Stake set autobet to stop on a 4 win streak(5 if you are feeling lucky). With BC you will have to do a little calculation and set your stop on win correctly. You will have to calculate your base bet accordingly. I usually hit a 4 in a row streak between 1000 and 2000 bets with this method. Basically (How much you wish to gamble/3000)=base bet. I chose 3000 to be on the safe side, adjust to your needs accordingly.

On your win streak your graph will end up looking something like this:


I was going for a stop on 4 streak but my calculations were a little off:


Effectively the wager above is around 6400x! Had the autobet stopped on a streak of 4 it would have only been around 1080x. Do you suppose 6400x or 1080x single payout would have hit within 1,631 bets? Maybe, maybe not.

Here is the setup I used at BC:


How your setup on LuckyFish should look:


And finally, how your Stake setup should look:


When the autobet stops from getting your streak on the corresponding platform, if you wish to try again be sure to change your seed and check the initial bet. LuckyFish specifically does not reset to the initial bet when it stops, It stays on the last bet, so be wary.


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