LuckyFish/Stake Dice Strategy "The 11000x"

By L7y | Gambling Strategies | 8 Aug 2021

First off, you may be thinking, "Impossible, the highest multiplier dice will allow is 9900x". Well, You are both right and wrong. On a single hit the highest may be 9900x, however with this strat we are going to take a page out of the Paroli betting system and go for a streak of wins in a row. First, Set your multiplier/payout to 9.90X. Next Set your on win increase by 500%, and have on loss reset to the initial bet. To get 11000x plus, set your autobet to stop after a streak of 5 wins. Change your seed and hit start. If you do hit a streak of 5 early on and wish to continue I recommend changing your seed before trying again. 

Results with an initial bet of .00001000 USDC on LuckyFish:



I started with 8 USDC and it took about 25,000 wagers to hit 5 in a row. It may seem like there is not much profit in this strategy, but 3 in a row and 4 in a row streaks help boost the bankroll and profit in the long run. When a streak starts with this method, an amount is won, and the next bet, not all of that profit is wagered(as you see in the picture above). This method can be adapted to larger or smaller bankrolls and coins such as BTC (20 sat initial bet(0.00000020 BTC) with .004+ BTC bankroll, etc). 

On LuckyFish your setup should look as follows:


The switching of over/under on loss is optional and is my personal preference.

On Stake your setup should look like this:


If you wish to use this method on BC you will have to do a little math and set your stop on win amount accordingly, estimate your on win amount for about 4 wins plus a little extra. This will account for the profit/loss incurred during the hunt for the 5 in a row streak.  

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Or Stake if you are not yet a member:



New users to LuckyFish please read my previous article about privacy at LuckyFish Casino:

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