LuckyFish - Setting the correct preferences to help control emotions on big dice, limbo, and other wins.

By L7y | Gambling Strategies | 7 Aug 2021

So first and foremost there are some things I love about LuckyFish Casino. Besides betting, I love reading the chat. There is a certain amount of madness in the English chat due to the high volume of players and mods rarely being present. That being said, if you watch long enough with default preferences on you will notice deposits, withdrawals, and rare wins posting regularly to the chat by LuckyFish. This is done automatically by the casino unless the user turns the preference off. 


First and foremost, when you hit a rare win with a large payout, LuckyFish posts the win to the chat that you are in with your username attached. People in the chat can easily click the bet, then click your name to tag you and post to the chat. This causes a popup on your screen stating "X person has tagged you in the chat". Alot of the time it is a congratulations message from the regulars. Others are asking for tips stating they lost x amount please help. Others are asking for loans. Most of the people asking for a "loan" have no intention of paying back the debt. As a new user, you are the target of these scammers. There is no ignore or mute button for the gambler to automatically ignore these users. Only a report button in that chat, and you are only allowed a measly 3 reports per day. This leads us to the subject of today's post, setting the correct preferences to stay anonymous.


On PC click the dropdown arrow next to your username, then click Setting. On mobile tap the three lines in the upper right hand corner to access this menu:


Next click Preference


Then change your settings as follows


Each setting allows the user to change a personal preference to their liking. I will describe each and explain why certain ones are important.

  • Sound - Personal Preference
  • Enable max - Enables Max Bet
  • Hide Others - Hides others in games, personal preference. Does not hide you in the game from others.
  • Hide my deposit message - Important, make sure it is hidden. Deposits make you a mark for scammers.
  • Hide my withdraw message - Important, make sure it is also hidden. This one puts you on their radar.
  • Don't show all deposit & withdraw message - Personal Preference, shows others deposits and withdraws.
  • Hide my deposit amount - Important, see above about hiding deposit message.
  • Hide my withdrawn amount - Important, See above about hiding withdraw message.
  • Hide total profit from public - Important, Some scammers will watch this amount for ammo to beg with.
  • Hide my total wagered from public - Important, Same as above, scammers will watch to see if this amount goes up.
  • Ghost mode (make my bets anonymous) - SUPER IMPORTANT, hides your username in rare wins in the chat and also on any bet made by you. Only you will be able to see your username.
  • Always refuse friend request - Personal Preference.
  • Don't @me in chatroom - Semi-Important, If you chat on LuckyFish, toggle this one on when you are playing and off when you are not. This one causes the pop up on screen, possibly breaking concentration if playing.

Note that to add a new friend to your friends list, if both you and the other user are in Ghost mode. One will have to turn off Ghost mode for a few minutes while the other person adds them. After the user can then turn Ghost mode back on. 

You can also still share any wins to the chat yourself if you wish, they will have the user as anonymous. 

So, you won big anonymously. No one knows. What do you do now? Take a breather if you need to. If you have reached your goal for the day then, Pay debts, bank/withdraw, and enjoy your winnings. If you have not reached your goal and you feel comfortable, then set a reasonable stop loss for the day. After setting what you want your stop loss to be keep going. If you hit this point, STOP!!! You have won, don't feed all of your coin back to LuckyFish. 


If you have enjoyed this article and are not a member of LuckyFish please consider clicking the banner below and joining. There is unlimited faucets as well as other features I plan on going over in future articles.



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