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By L7y | Gambling Strategies | 3 Sep 2021

Today I saw my coworker playing a slots game on her phone, I asked if she was playing for real to which she responded with "No just for fun". I proceeded to ask if she ever plays for real and the conversation eventually evolved into how I play for real with crypto. This will be a beginner's guide to making your first deposit on LuckyFish. I see some of you have already signed up under me but have not deposited or even faucet played. This should help a little. I'm choosing LF because they do not geo-block my location when my VPN is off. When my VPN is on, I live in Canada. 3rd Party slots are available in Canada so that is why my second home is there. Note most casino's that practice geo-blocking do not block internet connections from Canada either :).

1. Sign up on Coinbase or Kucoin. I use both personally... depending on what I want to do. After you have setup your Coinbase and Kucoin, buy some USDT. I recommend USDT because it's worth about 1 USD per token and easy to keep track of how much you are betting for beginners. Around $50 worth is nice but you can always buy less. This article will focus on Kucoin.

After you have signed up for Kucoin and ready to buy, in the upper left corner, hover over "Buy Crypto" and click "Credit/Debit Cart"


It will take you to this screen, type in the amount you want to buy. To the right is a drop down box that initially says bitcoin. Click it and type usdt, then select USDT


Simplex doesn't work in my state so I choose banxa. Hit confirm.



Your first time using banxa they may ask for some details to make sure you who you say you are. Go ahead and do this, this is called a KYC(Know your Customer) if you have never done one before. If you buy cryptocurrency with fiat currency then most places are going to ask for a kyc. After your KYC is confirmed go ahead and fill in your card details and buy your USDT.


Usually after a few minutes Kucoin will notify you that you have recieved X amount of USDT(or whatever crypto you bought). 

Note: bitcoin and some others take a little while(a couple hours). You are better off buying USDT or XLM  or other fast transferring coin and trading for bitcoin on the kucoin platform. 

2. Sign up to Luckyfish using This Link. Confirm your email, setup 2FA with the Google Authenticator app, and set your preferences as the following:


Here is my previous post going in depth on how and why to set each preference this way.



3. At the top of LuckyFish click the green deposit button. 

Click the dropdown box and choose USDT (The green "T")


CHOOSE TRC20 if sending from Kucoin!! ERC20 fees are to high from there. After you have selected TRC20 tap the green clipboard button to copy your USDT casino wallet address to your clipboard.


4. Head back to Kucoin. Hover over Assets on the upper right hand corner and click "Main Account"


USDT should be at the top, if not then it is probably in your Trading Account and needs to be transferred to your Main Account to be withdrawn. If your USDT is visible in your Main Account skip these next few steps. 

So, if they are not in your Main Account, click Trading Account.


Your USDT should be near the top, click the links/buttons on Kucoin in the following order. Transfers are immediate. So after, near the top Click "Main Account".


From the Main Account click Withdraw


CHOOSE TRC20!! I choose the network before I put in my address.


5. Paste your USDT TRC20 address from Luckyfish into the Wallet Address textbox,type the amount you wish to send in the USDT Amount textbox, and click Confirm. Confirm your details and your USDT is on your way to Luckyfish!


It may take Kucoin a few minutes to actually process the transaction and then the blockchain has to confirm it. This is fairly quick with TRC20 tokens. After a few minutes or less, you will get a popup on LuckyFish stating your deposit of X amount of USDT is confirmed and your account will be credited. Time to have some fun and hopefully multiply your crypto! Bet low at first until you figure things out, but most importantly have fun. 


If you enjoyed this article or found it informative and are thinking of crypto gambling please click the banner below and join Luckyfish


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