Roger Ver, an angry guy!

But why is Roger Ver so angry? His path, his success, his failures have certainly influenced his way of thinking.
Born in California on January 27, 1979 in San José, little Roger lives a more or less normal childhood in the United States. In 1999, he began studies, but he quickly stopped them. He started a very profitable business. He buys computer equipment on the Internet and resells it more expensive.


In 2000, he proposed himself as a candidate for the libertarian party. One of the largest minority parties in the USA. It is because Roger Ver defines himself as an anarcho-capitalism libertarian. He also founded the company MemoryDealers, which will employ approximately 10 employees by 2003.
His life changed in 2005 when he was arrested for selling explosives. I assure you, fireworks. Tiny ones, but he got 10 months in prison.


And yes, prison sentences in the United States are no joke. I must say that they sent them by mail and that’s criminal. Didn’t he deserve it? And hop hop a member of the discredited wealthy opposition. After his prison sentence in the USA, he moves to Japan.


The way he was treated in the US seems to have marked a turning point in his life. He is disgusted with the US. In 2013, he was again accused by the courts of having participated through his company in the distribution of counterfeit components from China. In 2014, he refused his American nationality and became a citizen of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Why this country? Because he loves it! Or for the taxes....


Meanwhile, Roger has become a promoter of Bitcoin. He promotes it, with campaigns that are more than noticed. He is so passionate about Bitcoin that certain the call ‘Bitcoin Jesus’. Some people begin however found that it makes a little too much ''cinema''.

Then one day everything changes… Roger and bitcoin are over. We are in 2017 and Roger accuses Bitcoin of being too inefficient, he first turns to Bitcoin XT then to Bitcoin Cash. Today, he is the most famous defender of Bitcoin Cash, yet he is disapproved by some of the community of geeks and cryptocurrency fans. Why?

Roger Ver is not always very nice to these opponents or simply to those who do not think like him. The real reason is also that many remain absolute fans of Bitcoin and do not accept any criticism about it. The fact that he defended Bitcoin as much as he did then that he criticized it as much did not make him friends. Then good sometimes he abuses a little during some interviews.


Whatever our opinion on this character, it is more than certain that he played an important role in promoting cryptocurrencies to the general public when they were almost unknown. He does not hesitate to finance with his personal money campaigns to make known the Bitcoin or to finance studies on this subject.


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