Publish0x what profitability?

Publish0x what profitability?

Are you new to Publish0x?

If so then this article should interest you. When I signed up for this blog, I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of income, even though my goal was more to learn about cryptocurrency news than to get paid. That said the comparison is interesting and you will see it!

First of all, you must know that your income will depend on the choice you make. Every time you read an article on Publish0x, you can pay the author of the article and yourself. If you wish you can choose not to pay yourself.

Here’s how it works:

Adjust the meter according to the quality of the article, the usefulness of the information provided, the work required by the author for the remuneration. Generally I give 60% to the author, if the article is of very good quality, I increase this percentage. Sometimes when the articles are poorly constructed, I give 40% of the remuneration to the author and I take 60%. It has already happened to me to give only 20% to the author when I found that the articles were very mediocre.


You can obviously become an author yourself, for this you must make a request (see parameter). The Publish0x team will validate your application or not. It is better to submit your application in English. To be accepted, it is best that you have references like articles on other blog or a Youtube channel for example. Which is personally my case. Currently, that is my case, I am an author. However, the big problem with Publish0x is that the francophone public is a minority on the platform. Where English authors celebrated on the site can expect several tens of euros per article or at least a few euros, French-speaking authors can currently expect only a few cents of euros in crypto. That’s why I started writing in English. It’s also a very good exercise for me! If you have any comments about my language, do not hesitate! I am interested in all constructive criticism. It is therefore more «profitable» to be a reader than to be a writer on his site. In fact, being an author takes time and sometimes requires research, so do not hope to make a fortune by becoming a French-speaking author. However, since the francophone community is recent, the figures I am giving you are likely to increase significantly.

Here is a table that represents 15 days of activity on Publish0x. Personally on those 15 days, I was active 12 days. I read on average 3 to 4 items a day. 1 in the morning, 1 at noon and the rest in the evening if I have free time.


It is therefore possible to collect more than one euro per month (by doubling the activity of my 15 days). Obviously my personal goal is not to ‘rush’ the site to get paid the maximum. However, I would point out that the proposed cryptos are truly innovative and that their course is certainly likely to evolve upwards. All this is obviously a hypothesis!

Compare to a faucet, you will get the same profitability. However, you will certainly learn a lot unlike a faucet!

Have a good read!

Disclaimer : this article is a translation of one of my articles in French. I do this to increase my visibility and practice writing in English. If you have any comments about the quality of my writing in English, don’t hesitate to comment! It will really help me improve.

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