Top 5 Crypto Gainers past 24h
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Top 5 Crypto Gainers past 24h

By F4 | Gainers and Losers | 9 Apr 2021



1. Bitcoin Gold was the biggest gainer for April 8th, 2021 with a price increase of 48.87%


2. Enjin Coin came in second with an increase of 20.24%. It has seen an increase of 37% this week ahead of its Coinbase listing


3. Pancakeswap's native token CAKE has seen an increase of 18.21% today. It was hovering around $17 for the past week but spiked briefly up to $21 today. CAKE and BNB move together and BNB has seen a price increase of almost 40% this past week. 


4. Bittorrent Token seems to have cooled off the last few days after a huge run up in March. It hit a low yesterday of $.0076 but has been steadily climbing for the past 24 hours. This one has been fun to follow so let's see what it'll do.


5. KuCoin's native token has had a GREAT week. If you own any KCS you will have seen its value double in the past week and its up 17.30% today.








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