Tether surpasses PayPal and Bitcoin - Daily volume has exceeded half a billion

By gainer | gainer | 27 Aug 2020

The usability of cryptocurrencies (or other payment networks) is measured using the average daily transaction volume. This is the volume of transactions that are transferred through the network in one day. Some cryptocurrencies routinely outperform centralized payment networks in this metric. Tether has recently joined them.

Tether (USDT) is a stablecoin from the company of the same name. It holds a value of one dollar and is therefore used by almost all cryptobourses. Listing Tether is much easier than allowing customers to trade real dollars.

Tether's daily transaction volume exceeds Bitcoin and PayPal!

Tether has been used more and more recently. Its capitalization exceeds $ 11 billion, bringing the XRP token to its throat, and last week's transaction volume reached a record $ 3.55 billion - more than $ 500 million a day.

That is a truly respectable result. Bitcoin reached a volume of 2.94 billion over the same period. The PayPal internet payment network is no better, with an average weekly volume in the second quarter of this year of 2.94 billion.

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