👿The Devils Soulfood 👿

👿The Devils Soulfood 👿

By GabrielHaines | Gabriel | 21 May 2020



"Mom, I think you ordered the wrong food!"

"It's okay Jimmy! Just eat it! You'll like it." his mom yelled from downstairs.

"Mom, I really think you should look at this."

"Just eat Jimmy!" she said and slam the door

"Yes Jimmy, just eat me," said a cool voice from inside the takeout box.

"What do you taste like mister?"

"I taste like the most delicious thing you've ever tasted."

"I like hamburgers. I've never had chinese takeout that tastes like hamburgers."

"I taste like the best hamburger you have ever tasted Jimmy."

"All right mister, if Mom says so."

"Now I've got you," thought the devil.

Jimmy opened his mouth wide and popped the little devil in.

"They're going to be proud of this one down there," the devil smiled to himself as he slid down Jimmy's throat.

Gone were the days where you could stand at a crossroads and offer exorbitant wealth in exchange for a soul. The humans figured that one out long ago.These days devils had to more creative. Like hiding in Jimmy's take out box.

As the devil slid down Jimmy's intestines, he kept an eye out for an exit to the soul.

But as he slid further and further down he began to worry.

Could you even get to the soul from the intestine?

It became more and more cramped every second as the muscles in the intestines kept propeling him along.

Suddenly, the devil was deposited into a large vat of stomach acid.

It burned his skin and he let out a shriek.

"Mom! The food isn't sitting well with me!"

"It's okay Jimmy. Sometimes that happens with Chinese food."

"But Mom! It really hurts. It feels like my stomach is screaming!"

"Jimmy! I'm busy! It will pass soon!"

In an instant, Jimmy bolted to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. In a few explosive seconds, red-faced Jimmy deposited the contents of his colon into the toilet.

"Ah, much better." Jimmy sighed to himself. Jimmy got up, flushed the toilet, washed his hands and went back to his room.

The devil, badly burden and surrounded by fecal matter was being carried forcefully to the nearby waste treatment facility.

"Curse you little boy!" The little devil cried
"I'll have to think of another way to get that boys soul."

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