Should You Consider A Job Or Career In Blockchain?
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Should You Consider A Job Or Career In Blockchain?

Should you pursue a career in blockchain?" 

Answer:  A career in blockchain offers many exciting rewardsbut it is definitely not for everyone! identifies Blockchain careers as the fastest growing job sector over the past two years.  However, before you decide to jump head first into the deep end, you should know that there are many ways to take advantage of this exciting trend.  What I have found is that depending on your education, experience, and enthusiasm, you can find jobs, careers, and/or entrepreneurial opportunities that best fit you.     I have been searching high and low for the best opportunities that this exciting new industry has to offer. In this article I will share some of my findings about the best ways to be involved with blockchain and cryptocurrency.  I will also help you find the best direction for you, what qualifications you will need, and many more helpful tips that will help you on your journey.  Keep may be surprised at some of the ideas I have included in this article!    ​


What is the Current Blockchain Environment Like?

Imagine the gold rush back in the 1850's.  People were rushing to California trying to find gold in hopes of a bright new future.  Most of these people had no previous experience mining for gold and they had to learn new skills as quickly as possible.  There wasn't a whole lot of formal education and basically they had to create their own opportunities.  Lack of education didn't stop them...they saw their chance and went for it full force. 

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are the modern day gold rush.  Most people see an opportunity but don't know much about the technical side of how blockchain works.  People are rushing to learn these new skills, and there is very little in the way of formal education to help them learn it.  Many people find themselves learning through taking online courses and watching youtube videos.  Traditional career paths are fading away and a new industry is on the horizon. 

Blockchain careers offer increased flexibility, higher pay, and an exciting new industry to be part of.  There is massive opportunity for those of us who are willing to learn new skills and concepts.  The modern "Gold Rush" is upon us...           


Here Are A Few Statistics For You To Consider:

  • Demand for coding / cryptography skills increased by over 200% in 2017. (According to
  • Over 20% of large corporations are considering the use of blockchain for their business. 
  • Only about 40% of the top universities offer at least one course on cryptocurrencies or blockchain.  (According to Coinbase Survey)
  • Google Trends still shows high search volume for "blockchain" despite a major drop in crypto prices. 
  • Most top universities have blockchain or cryptocurrency clubs that meet regularly.    
  • Billions of dollars are being invested in technichal blockchain and cryptocurrency education.  


  What Kind of Blockchain Jobs Are There?
Let me start by sharing all the different types of jobs or careers that I have come across and some of their responsibilities.  This is just a general resource with average annual salaries to give you an idea.  

1) Blockchain Project Manager:  ($127,000)  Oversee the entire blockchain project and the team responsible for carrying it out.  They need to understand costs, and are able to communicate company needs into technical terms for the project developers.
2) Blockchain App Developers: ($85-95,000) Understand coding and how to build apps built on a blockchain.   
3) Quality Engineers: ($100,000):  Responsible for the quality and flow of the app that has been developed.   
4) Legal/ Attorneys:  ($115,000):  Responsible for examining agreements, ICO's, and partnerships.
5) Web Design ($52,000):  Develop ICO websites that are user friendly, exciting, and able to convert traffic for the company.   
6) Blockchain Engineer: ($110,000) Understand company needs and develop apps that can meet those needs.    
7) Marketing and Sales:  ($75,000) Be able to use social media and general sales techniques to sell apps, and other blockchain technology
8) Internship:  ($25,000)  Multiple responsibilities to help with various types of blockchain projects.  Basically, whatever extra help the company needs, you are it.  

You can find jobs like these on Indeed, Glassdoor, and  


How Else Can I Be A Part Of It?

Why not be an entrepreneur?  When a new industry is forming, the rules and guidelines guiding it are still being formed.  You could be a part of shaping the future of the industry.  Your opportunity is only limited by your imagination.  With that being said here are a few alternate ways to be involved.

Build a Website, Blog or Youtube Channel:   There is a huge need for high quality, educational resources designed to help the average person understand what is happening in blockchain and cryptocurrency.  As  this technology matures, there will also be more products and services that need to be sold or represented. 

Create Positions From Scratch:  Your current company may or may not even understand blockchain or cryptocurrency.  So what if you took your passion, and turned it into a profitable proposition?  You can develop a plan and pitch it to your boss.  Never know until you try!

Freelance:   One of the perks of this new industry is that it can be done from anywhere at anytime.  You can create content articles, make websites, develop apps, be an SEO builder, bounty hunter, and so many other niches.  You can check freelance websites like Upwork and to find what needs are out there.

Attend Meet Ups / Network:  Many major universities have some kind of cryptocurrency or blockchain clubs that meet regularly.  In addition, you can attend blockchain seminars taking place around the world.  Why not attend one near you?  You may be inspired or meet someone who can lead you in the right direction.     


Can't I Just be Paid In Cryptocurrency?

Would you rather just earn cryptocurrency instead of dollars?  I have a friend whose company offers it's employees the potential to be paid a portion of their paycheck in Bitcoin.  Here are some thoughts for you.

Ask Your Current Company To Pay You In Crypto:  In many cases, it is just a matter of having your companies existing payroll processor add it to their supported currencies.  Many payment processing companies are set up to do this, and it is actually simpler than you may think.  Never hurts to ask.  Just be aware that cryptocurrency is very volatile. You should probably only take payment in crypto in an amount that you don't need for living expenses.

Set Your Business Up To Accept Cryptocurrency:
If you are a business owner, you can set your company up to accept cryptocurrency.  It is relatively easy to set up and you can accept many different types of cryptocurrency.  Read this article for tips on how to do this.  "How to Accept Cryptocurrency: What, Why, and How?"  

Sell Items:  Open Baazar is similar to Ebay but your items are sold in exchange for cryptocurrency.  Might be a good way to get rid of stuff while building your cryptocurrency portfolio.    

As you can probably tell there is a lot of opportunity for a career with blockchain.  If you are a techy person and understand coding or cryptography there are many companies that are looking for your services.  On the other hand, if you are not techy, and are just excited to be a part of the modern day gold rush, being an entrepreneur may be right for you.  One of the best things about being part of a new industry is that the rules have not yet been written.  You can take your passion to learn, combine it with consistent effort,  and translate it into a thriving business.  If you have no interest in new technology or cutting edge business progress, this industry is probably not for you.  On the hand, if you are hungry and ambitious, there seems to be a bright new future ahead for you.  I wish you the best on your journey.   Read next article: "Is Cryptocurrency Going Mainstream?  And When?..." 

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